Auto Insurance Companies In Florida: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All


Driving a car on roads is surely a threat to the road users, passengers and pedestrians. If someone is injured in an accident, who will meet the medical expenses? Even if you are ready to meet them, it will be beyond your limit and you may have to exhaust your entire savings in case of big accidents and treating heavy injuries sustained in accidents. Here comes the auto insurance to the rescue of many people, including those drivers responsible for making accidents.

Florida Minimum Liability Insurance:

Auto insurance is mandatory in Florida and one cannot escape from buying the minimum liability coverage as required by local law, if you own or drive a car. They are personal liability of $10,000 for one person involved in an accident caused by you, a further $20,000 to meet the medical costs of the injured people, which is more than one, in an accident and $10,000 for property damage caused by you to your car and other driver's car. In addition to the above, auto insurance in Florida requires you to buy $10,000 liability insurance as personal injury protection to cover your medical expenses or funeral for you and your passengers.

What is PIP?

Florida auto insurance laws requires every vehicle owner to buy an insurance coverage called PIP or Personal Injury Protection. This coverage is not optional and has to be purchased by all vehicle owners, whether the vehicles are is use or not. If you have registered your vehicle in Florida, PIP is essential. The coverage applies to the insured or any resident relative is injured while occupying the vehicle. PIP benefits include medical benefits, death benefits and disability benefits. This PIP is mandatory in Florida.

However, it is your choice to stick to this minimum liability requirement. But, in general, if you are responsible for a worst accident, naturally the medical expenses will be higher than expected and you cannot meet it on your own. It is, therefore, recommended that one has to buy an insurance that is well above the minimum liability. This is because, you have to compensate the treatment costs of the injured and you have to re equip your loss of property.

Besides, auto insurance companies in Florida offers optional coverage such as collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and the like for the benefit of its customers. Florida follows a no-fault system and therefore it is good to avail collision coverage as this would meet the expenses irrespective of the person responsible for the accident. Comprehensive coverage will cover any damage other than collision. Even though, these are optional, it is advised to buy these insurance from Florida auto insurance companies.

Recommended Insurance Coverage Limit:

There is no objection if you drive your car in Florida with the minimum liability coverage. But it is always better to buy bodily injury liability coverage, as this pays, up to your policy limits, for injuries others receive in an accident caused by you or other drivers listed in your policy. The best auto insurance coverage is not the cheapest coverage. The general recommendation auto insurance coverage are as follows.

If your net worth is less than
$50,000, choose at least 50/100/50
Between $50,000 and $100,000 choose a minimum of 100/300/100
More than $100,000 choose a minimum of 250/500/100.
If you are leasing or financing vehicles, then you have to buy an insurance coverage that is well above the minimum liability coverage. If you are the one, who is always on the wheels for most of the time of a year, it is advised to buy collision and comprehensive insurance coverage also. This will hold good for old vehicles which are less than 10 years old.

Besides the above optional coverage there are medical coverage, gap insurance and more. You can get these details from experienced car insurance agents representing many reputed Florida auto insurance companies.

Auto Insurance Companies in Florida:

Every one has to find a suitable auto insurance company to buy the required auto insurance coverage. Through internet, you can find the list of auto insurance companies in Florida. The question is to find the one that fulfils your requirement at affordable rates. This is very much important. However, some of the reputed auto insurance companies operating in Florida are AAA Insurance, AARP, ALLState, American Family, Farmers, Florida Farm Bureau Insurance, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, Mercury, National General Insurance, Nationwide, Geico, Safeco, State Farm, Hartford, Travelers, USAA and many more. These companies are doing auto insurance Florida business in a big way.

Having got the list of insurance companies in Florida, you have to find the company that meets your requirements. At the outset, you have to decide on your coverage and then search on the internet to get the quotes of a good number of auto insurance companies. Compare their quotes and choose the one that suits your requirements.

Jacksonville Auto Insurance:

As far as auto insurance Jacksonville FL is concerned, there are many leading companies offering insurance service to the residents of Jacksonville, Florida. They are Geico, Direct Auto and Life Insurance, John Beck Insurance Inc, Foxsurance, State Farm, Progressive, RV, All Lines Insurance Agency and more. Some of them offer discounted insurance premiums for the benefit of the residents of Jacksonville, Florida.

The representatives of auto insurance companies in Florida are doing immense service to the public and offer proper guidance to them in identifying the apt auto insurance policy that is suitable to them and also suggest reasonable premium rates. Instead of approaching them, you can refer to the websites of companies to obtain their quotes in detail for comparison purpose.


Even though auto insurance is mandatory, there are very many options to choose from. If you are sure of your good driving capacity, you can avail the minimum liability coverage statutorily required by laws of Florida and enjoy your driving. But sincere advice is that you get a better coverage because some other drivers are not so good as you are and may involve you in accidents. Try to raise the limits of coverage as required and as admissible to your budget.