Auto Insurance Companies In Hawaii Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!


Auto insurance is a necessity for every car owner or driver irrespective of the place, they live in. You must understand that every State has its own requirements regarding auto insurance. Most of the drivers do not understand the importance of auto insurance and the emergency situations that the insurance cover. The drivers should get the opinions of insurance professionals and act accordingly in purchasing auto insurance coverages. Let us see the basic requirements of auto insurance in Hawaii and discuss how the companies provide insurance to the people.

Hawaii Auto Insurance Requirements:

Hawaii auto insurance rules require the following minimum liability coverage for every vehicle that is being driven in Hawaii. They are as given below.

● $10,000 for personal injury protection for the policyholder and other individuals covered.
● $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident for injuries to others in an accident caused by the driver covered under insurance.
● $10,000 for property damage liability per accident caused by the driver covered under insurance.

Besides the above mandatory coverage, you can opt for Hawaii insurance policies with high limits. This would help you, when you are responsible for an accident in which many people are injured and the coverage and compensation required exceed the minimum liability coverage. Otherwise, you may have to spend a lot of money from your own pocket, if you are satisfied with the minimum liability coverage.

Hawaii auto insurance laws do not require to buy uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage even though the insurance companies offer these types of insurance coverages.

No-Fault State:

As prevailing in some other States of US, Hawaii is also a no-fault State. Under this law, a personal injury protection coverage or shortly PIP will take care of the medical expenses towards the injuries sustained by the covered driver irrespective of the fact that who is responsible for the accident. Of course, the coverage will be subject to the maximum limit of the personal injury protection coverage.

Hawaii auto insurance PIP coverage will provide cover to anyone injured, who is driving the vehicle with owner's permission or any passenger in the vehicle, who is injured or any pedestrian or a bicyclist or moped driving person injured by the covered driver in an accident.

One may note that PIP Hawaii auto insurance coverage will not be applicable to a person driving a motorcycle unless otherwise this coverage is specifically mentioned in the insurance coverage. Also remember that vehicle damage claims will not come under the purview of no-fault system and the affected party has every right to file a lawsuit or file a third party claim against the driver responsible for the accident for the property damage caused in the accident. Or else, the affected party can make a claim under collision coverage.

Hawaii Auto Insurance Availabilities:

Even though Hawaii is one among the remote chain of islands in the world, there are immense facilities offered by many prominent insurance companies that provide Hawaii auto insurance to the needy people. The people, searching for best auto insurance, combined with solid benefits and reliability, are provided with great opportunities. In fact there are several proven methods to arrive at a best Hawaii auto insurance by shopping. Most of the companies have their own websites. If you enter your zip code, you can get the quotes of reputed insurance companies. This will enable you to choose the best one that suits your needs at reasonable prices.

Apart from visiting the internet, there are more ways to get the quotes of Hawaii auto insurance companies. One among them is to visit the companies in person or contacting the reliable insurance agents. These insurance agents will also guide you to select the right insurance coverage, you need, along with affordable price quotes.

Yet another method is to contact the insurance companies over phone and collect the quotes of those companies. You can compare these quotes and select the suitable one. However, note that visiting the insurance companies physically, one by one, is surely a time consuming process.

Auto Insurance Companies in Hawaii:

Some of the prominent companies that offer Hawaii auto insurance to the residents of Hawaii are Island Insurance, Farmers Insurance Hawaii, Geico, USAA, State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual and more. These companies have been rated good in respect of customer service, providing affordable prices with reasonable discounts, guaranteed renewal plans, financial stability and above all, they are located in places convenient to the people.

Auto Insurance Comparison and Benefits:

In the hunt for the best Hawaii auto insurance, it is very much important to look into the overall value that is being paid to the customer. You must also ensure that you get the right coverage. You must also understand that the benefits offered by the insurance companies vary each other and should analyse that the benefits are proportionate to the price, you are going to pay.

It is necessary to compare the details of each Hawaii auto insurance policy and the true cost associated with them. You must look for the company that provides more benefits for the money, you pay. You should go on comparing the quotes and should not get tired until you arrive at a best insurance coverage at an affordable rate.

The residents of Hawaii are paying an annual premium of $1114 on an average towards Hawaii auto insurance, whereas the national annual average stands at $1669 approximately. As all Hawaii auto insurance companies take different factors into account in order to decide the actual auto insurance premiums, you have to be sure about the coverage, you actually need and search accordingly.

Some budget conscious drivers may be looking for Hawaii auto insurance with cheapest premiums. But, they may have to face certain downgrades such as poor customer service, slower processing of claims, etc.


There are several options in buying auto insurance in Hawaii and you are the better judge to decide the coverage, you want. You know your budget and accordingly, you have to choose the best company that provides you the enough coverage with prices that fall within your budget. This requires sincere shopping.