What Everyone Ought To Know About Car Insurance Companies In Georgia ?


If you drive a car, it is surely a potential threat to the pedestrians, fellow passengers and other cars, if you make an accident. That is why you are required to buy a car insurance to meet the incidental expenses in case if you are involved in accidents. However, you must know the minimum liability coverage required by local State law before buying an insurance. The laws vary from State to State and hence the knowledge about local laws is essential. Let us have a view regarding existing motor vehicle laws in Georgia in the coming paragraphs.

Georgia Insurance Laws:

If you own or operate a car, you must buy a car insurance. As per Georgia car insurance laws, you are required to have a liability insurance coverage to help pay injuries to someone injured in the accidents to which you are responsible. Further, you have to show the proof of having this minimum liability insurance when you register your car in Georgia. They are as described below.

● Bodily injury liability-$25,000 per injured person in an accident
● Bodily injury liability-$50,000 per accident irrespective of the number of persons injured
● Property damage liability-$25,000 per accident.

These are the minimum coverage limits required by Georgia car insurance laws. But, the people do not understand the importance of insurance unless they are involved in accidents. In fact, the minimum liability coverage may not be sufficient to cover all expenses, including medical costs for the injured and repair costs for the damaged property in case you are responsible for any nasty accident. It is advisable to buy a car insurance that is well above the minimum liability coverage namely 25/50/25. Most of the car insurance companies in GA offer the following optional coverages in addition to the minimum liability coverage. They are as follows.

1. Collision: This would cover the damages to your car in traffic accidents
2. Comprehensive: This would cover the expenses for non-collision related damages caused to your vehicles such as vandalism, riots, etc.
3. Medical and funeral services
4. Uninsured drivers and
5. Rental car insurance.

Even though the above optional coverages are not required by law, your financier or the bank, who sanctioned the loan to you to buy your car, may require you to buy collision and comprehensive coverages for their safety.

Proof of Insurance:

GA car insurance card is accepted, in general, as a proof of insurance. Further, the authorities, who intend to check your possession of insurance will check through the Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System (GEICS) and verify the same electronically. It is your responsibility to report to the GEICS about your car insurance particulars and ensure that the information is error free. Otherwise, you may have to face problems during insurance verification.

Car Insurance Premium Rates:

Car insurance Georgia premium rates are usually determined by various factors and they are as stated below.

1. Your driving record
2. Your claims history regarding car insurance
3. Your age and gender
4. The make and model of the car
5. Your marital status
6. Your credit history.

If you keep a safe driving record and obey traffic rules at all times, you can keep your car insurance rates at a lower level. As regards to uninsured drivers coverage, this is not mandatory as per the rules governing car insurance in Georgia. Usually, this coverage will protect you against property damage, personal injury and the damages caused by uninsured motorists. You can get these optional coverage for your safety.

There are many car insurance GA companies in Georgia offering best services to the residents and some of the notable and leading companies are as follows.

1. USAA Property and Casualty
2. Amica Insurance
3. New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company
4. Erie Insurance Group
5. Auto Club Enterprises Insurance Group
6. Auto Club Insurance Association
7. Auto-Owners Insurance Group of Companies
8. Ameriprise Financial (IDS)
9. State Farm
10. State Auto Insurance Companies
11. Mercury
12. Geico.

Apart from the companies listed above, there are local insurers, who are providing yeoman service in the field of car insurance. If you are interested in finding an affordable car insurance rates, you have to shop around and search through relevant websites for getting many quotations for comparison purpose. You must also be aware that rates of premium vary from company to company and from State to State.

Fault Insurance State:

Unlike some other States, Georgia follows a fault system in respect of car insurance in GA is concerned. According to this law, an at-fault driver is fully responsible for the personal injury or property damage that are caused by the accident. The at-fault driver's insurance policy will be consulted first for paying the damages. In Georgia, if you are injured in a car accident by a third person, you can seek remedies in any of the following ways.

1. You can file a claim with the insurer of the at-fault driver and get the required compensation
2. You can also approach the insurer of the other driver directly and settle the issues, which is called a third party claim
3. If you are not able to settle the issues with the above two ways, you can file a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court.

Car Insurance Savannah, Georgia:

If you live in Savannah, you can get the help of many insurance agencies such as “SA SafeAuto” and get car insurance Savannah GA quotes and you can select the one that suits your requirements after comparing the quotes on your hand. You can also get the guidance from these agencies and representatives of reputed insurance companies regarding the coverages that is needed by you as well as different rates.

Most insurance companies offer discounts in premiums such as good driver discount, good student discount and multiple car discount.


Now, you might have understood the minimum liability car insurance requirements prevailing in Georgia and one cannot escape from buying car insurance. It is also illegal. When you drive a car, you are fully responsible for the lives of other co passengers or the general public using the roads. Only a proper car insurance will ensure your financial stability in case if you are involved in accidents. Insure and drive safe.