Top Tips And Tricks On Cheap Auto Insurance Companies in Illinois


Auto insurance is mandatory everywhere. All States of US have set up their own mandatory levels of requirement regarding the minimum liability insurance coverages. Apart from auto insurance, people are in need of buying health insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance and the like according to their necessities and places, they live in. Therefore, no one would like to spend much on insurances and it is justified to search for a cheap auto insurance, as this is a compulsory one. Let us see how far this can be achieved in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Cheap Auto Insurance-Some Tips:

Your budget may not allow you to spend lavishly on anything and paying premium on insurances is no exception. But, some recommendations for lowering your auto insurance may lead to reduce the quality of coverage, you have been enjoying. The company providing cheap auto insurance Illinois need not be the best always.

However, if you have the right tips on your hand, then there is every possibility of getting a cheap auto insurance Illinois policy by taking certain precautionary measures. Some of the useful tips are as follows.

● There is a term called "good driver discount”. This means that the driver in question might not have made any claim for the past three or more years. At the beginning, any insurer will not come forward to offer such a discount. If it is so, do not hesitate to switch over to some other insurer. The insurers are always in favour of drivers who do not make claims for a longer period and immediately offer this discount. This may result in getting a cheap auto insurance Illinois. Even your current insurer will change its stand and may offer you this discount, if the company is sure that you are leaving to some other insurer.
● A multi vehicle discount is a proven method to reduce auto insurance premiums and you have to find a suitable insurance company through shopping.
● A multi policy discount is also a good move to get a cheap auto insurance Illinois. Hitherto, you have to do online shopping to find out the quotes of some leading companies and then decide which company is offering a better premium rate.
● Whether it is right or wrong, the insurance company will decide your premium rate based on your credit history. According to their experience and available statistics, a person with poor credit rating may not be prompt in paying the auto insurance premiums on a regular basis. Therefore, keep your credit history clean to get lower premium rate.
● If you are really interested in getting a cheap auto insurance Illinois, maintain a clean driving record. Avoid driving under the influence of alcohol, as this will spoil your clean driving image.
● Get the quotes of not less than five insurance companies and this will enable you to hit at the company, which provides you the affordable rate that is allowed by your budget.

Minimum Liability Coverage:

While searching for cheap auto insurance Illinois rate do not forget to buy the minimum liability insurance coverage as laid by the rules and regulations of Illinois State. The minimum liability insurance coverage is the cheapest possible auto insurance rate available to you and it is mandatory. The law requires you to buy $25,000 bodily injury liability for one person injured, $50,000 bodily injury liability coverage for an accident and $20,000 for property damage liability. Similarly purchasing uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is also mandatory in Illinois and the level of coverage is bodily injury $25,000 per person and $50,000 for bodily injury per accident.

No driver can escape without buying this minimum insurance coverage and beyond the required coverages, the drivers have to seek for some other cheap auto insurance Illinois coverages. There are many optional insurance coverages, which the drivers can skip in the process of searching for cheap auto insurance Illinois coverages. The optional coverages are as given below.

● Comprehensive
● Collision
● Loan/lease payoff
● medical and funeral services
● Rental car reimbursement
● Roadside assistance
● Uninsured motorist property damage liability.

Reputed Insurance Companies in Illinois:

There are many reputed insurance companies offering various types of insurances including auto insurance and they are Allstate, 21st Century, American Family, Farmers, MetLife, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide and much more.

You cannot find a single insurance company that offers a cheap auto insurance Illinois premium rates. It all depends upon the coverage, you need. Moreover, auto insurance premium rates are determined by many factors such as your age, gender, driving history, credit history, living area, the place of parking your car and the like.

One company may be the best for you and the same may not be the best for some other person. If you are in need of many auto insurance coverages including optional coverages, naturally your premium rate will be fixed high.

Car Driver Discounts in Illinois:

While searching for auto insurance companies and their quotations, do not fail to ask for various discounts offered by those companies. The usual discounts are as follows.

● Good driver discount
● Good student discount
● Multi car discount
● Homeowners discount
● Defensive driver discount for those drivers who have undergone defensive driving course
● Fixing of anti-theft device
● Fixing of safety device.

You may be eligible for some of the discounts mentioned above and do not fail to avail those discounts as this is one of the best ways to get a cheap auto insurance Illinois.

General Views:

You will not be surprised to get cheap auto insurance premiums from some of the prominent and reputed insurance companies. All these depends upon your requirement of insurance coverage and the good record, you are maintaining. At the same time there may be some local companies that may offer lower rates with right coverage and they may also be best in customer service. It all depends on your research and time spent on that research.


No one can rule out the possibility of purchasing an auto insurance with an affordable rate and this requires an analysis, with complete patience, of competing companies. Insure and remain free.