Best Tricks For Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Illinois


You are well aware that car accidents can happen anywhere and some big accidents can cause serious injuries. If you do not have a car insurance, you will be put into financial trouble when you become responsible for accidents. It is necessary by law to buy a car insurance in Illinois and each State has prescribed a minimum liability coverage and every driver has to carry this insurance coverage, which is mandatory by law. Some drivers may be interested in getting cheap car insurance rates and this is also possible by using some ways and tricks.

Cheap Car Insurance Premiums:

As you know, the cheapest car insurance in Illinois is to buy the minimum liability coverage fixed by the State Government and which is required by law. It is fixed as follows.
● $25,000 for bodily injury liability per person in an accident
● $50,000 for bodily injury liability per accident
● $20,000 for property damage liability.

In addition to the above, you may have to buy uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage with the minimum limits of 25/50 as it can protect you and your passengers from uninsured drivers and hit and run accident cases.

But, this minimum liability coverage will not be suitable in all situations. Some drastic accidents may warrant higher insurance coverage and it is always good to buy a car insurance which is higher than the minimum liability coverage to save you from any possible financial stress.

Further, the type of car, you drive, and your driving record will play a major role in deciding your car insurance premium. If you buy an old model car, you may get cheap car insurance Illinois. In addition, the drivers should keep a clean driving record to get a cheap car insurance Illinois premium. Clean driving record implies that there should be no speeding or no accidents tickets. Note that if a driver is responsible for an accident, then it is likely that insurance premium may be hiked.

However, the following insurance coverages are optional but, they may save you from financial crisis in case you are involved in some nasty accidents.

● Comprehensive and collision (if your car is bought by availing a loan from a money lender, then your money lender may demand these types of insurance coverages)
● Medical and funeral service payments
● Uninsured motorist property damage
● Towing and labor and the like.

How Car Insurance Premium is Determined?

The following factors are usually taken into account in determining the car insurance premium.

1. Age, gender and marital status
2. Driving record and claims history
3. Where you park your car
4. Year, make and model of your car
5. Annual mileage
6. Past insurance history including lapses
7. The insurance coverages and limits, you choose
8. What are the discounts, you are eligible for.

Ways to achieve a Cheap Car Insurance Rate:

Everyone will really want to get the best insurance for his or her car. But, when money is a problem, it is natural to look for the cheapest car insurance in Illinois. Suppose, you are at the fag end of renewing your current car insurance policy, please consider to negotiate with the company for a better and lower rate. If you don't do that, you may have to pay the same premium as it was before. Proper negotiations will end with a cheap car insurance Illinois.

If you are satisfied with the current insurer, it is great. But, there is nothing wrong in comparing the quotes of several reputed car insurance companies and select the cheap one that provides enough coverage. By such searches, you may get a better deal than the earlier one.

When you purchase an insurance policy, try to raise your deductibles. Of course, this may end up with some extra out of pocket expenses in case you are involved in accidents. But, higher deductibles will end up with lower and cheapest car insurance in Illinois. As long as you remain a safe driver, this would be of much helpful to you in achieving a lower premium car insurance rates.

Moreover, you have to be strict with the coverages, you require. It is not good to buy the insurance coverage, you do not need at all. Further, if you combine your homeowners insurance, life insurance, car insurance and the like and buy them from the same insurer, you will have a better chance of getting cheapest car insurance in Illinois.

You can also pay upfront to get the best car insurance premiums. Insurance companies will always like such payments that clear the entire balance amount and this may earn you a fine discount resulting in a cheap car insurance Illinois.

Top Illinois Car Insurance Companies:

There are many reputed car insurance companies that are doing great service to the people of Illinois and some of them are 21 st Century, Allstate, American Family, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, Nationwide and The General.

As far as the cheapest car insurance in Illinois is concerned, the following insurance companies offer cheap rates, the approximate annual premium rates are given in the bracket.

1. The Hartford ($761)
2. Rockford Mutual ($830)
3. Titan ($869)
4. Erie ($896)
5. Cincinnati Insurance ($906)
6. Utica National ($965)
7. USAA ($969)
8. Travelers ($971)
9. Secura ($985)
10. State Farm ($992)
11. Auto Owners ($1043)
12. Safeco ($10740)

Despite the above rates, the drivers with good driving records will earn even lower rate of premium. If all the factors are favourable to a driver, he or she can get the cheapest car insurance in Illinois.

Above all, there are many discounts offered by almost all prominent insurance companies and they are as detailed below.

● Accident free
● Multi vehicle
● Good student
● Senior operator discount
● Military
● Non-owner
● Liability only
● Those who have undergone safe driving course.

The drivers, who are eligible to some of the above discounts, can earn a cheap car insurance Illinois.


You have got every right to look for a cheap car insurance premium and this is also essential to meet your budget. But, at the same time, the companies offering cheap premium rates need not be the best and they may be lacking in respect of customer service and claims process. Of course, there are exceptions to this logic. Therefore, the individuals must be careful in selecting the best company with right coverage at affordable prices.