Your Key To Success: Dongbu Insurance Hawaii


As you are aware that many prominent insurance companies are functioning in Hawaii offering many types of insurances to the people of Hawaii. Many local insurance companies do great business in the insurance field. Dongbu insurance company is one among the insurance companies that serve the residents of Hawaii in a big way. Let us see how this insurance company shines in the insurance field of Hawaii.

Dongbu Insurance Company:

Dongbu insurance company limited provides various types of insurance products and services to the people of South Korea, China, Southeast Asia and United States. Dongbu insurance Hawaii, US functions in the address given below.

1440, Kapiolani Boulevard 950,
Honolulu, HI-96814.
Phone: 808-942-5353.

Dongbu insurance Hawaii company is a privately held company in Honolulu, Hawaii and it is a single location business. It is believed that this company was established in Hawaii in the year 2005.

History of Dongbu Insurance:

Dongbu insurance was established in the year 1969 in Korea with an aim of earning a name of Good Company. The company has achieved the main goals of multiplication and specialization based on its presence in national backbone industries. This company is ranked as one among the top ten corporate groups of Korea.

This company was first launched as korea's first public auto insurance company in the year 1962. It was included as a member of Dongbu group in 1983 and changed its name as Dongbu insurance Co. Ltd in the year 1995. This company has emerged as a prominent and leading non-life insurer in Korea. This company achieved this status due to its strong financial strength and stupendous satisfactory customer services.

Dongbu insurance Hawaii company is committed to enhance the number of customers, shareholders and employees values by enforcing global standard business infrastructure, increase business efficiency, developing human talents and the like.

Types of Insurances Offered:

Dongbu insurance Hawaii company offer auto insurance including bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal accident liability, physical damage, automobile accident and uninsured motorist coverages. Besides, the company also offers long term insurance options such as drivers, accident/health, property and savings/annuity insurance.

Ranking by BBB:

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has determined that dongbu insurance Hawaii meets the standards of BBB accreditation and the company has been credited that it is striving hard in making good and faithful efforts in resolving the complaints made by the consumers.

Expansion of Insurance Business:

In addition to its branch at Hawaii, dongbu insurance company is actively considering opening more number of branches in the United States. The insurer is actively expanding its insurance business and marketing its current operations and tap into new areas by developing the localized products and services. According to this plan, dongbu insurance Hawaii has decided to make the US as its strategic foothold to expand its business internationally. The insurance company has decided to place its business foot more strongly in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Guam and New York.

The dongbu insurance Hawaii company wants to stand different from other insurance providers and it targets the local residents with their insurance products such as house fire insurance and auto insurance. The dongbu insurance Hawaii company already sells various insurance products such as business owner, commercial package and workers' compensation policies and planning to launch other insurance products also very soon.

Besides US market, the dongbu insurance company is planning to expand its insurance market in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. Already there are representative offices in these countries as a process of expanding its insurance business.

Dongbu insurance Hawaii and branches all over the world are trying to emerge as an insurance provider which should be globally renowned in the near future. It is planning to create the best value for its customers, employees and shareholders.

In the long run, the company has decided to offer not only non-life insurance products and services but also wealth management. The company has been planning to emerge as an excellent insurance provider and to create exorbitant customer value.

In creation of skilled Professionals:

Dongbu insurance Hawaii and Farmers insurance joined together and donated a decent amount in order to support Oahu's Risk Management and Insurance Program. This new program is designed to train and educate skilled insurance professionals to meet the growing need in the insurance field.

The course called “The Certificate in Risk Management and Insurance” is conducted to provide the students and trainees in risk management, personal and commercial insurance. This course provides the strong base for the students to prepare for the licensure examination.

With the above arrangement, the dongbu insurance Hawaii and Farmers insurance have done a great service to the student community in training them to become qualified professionals in the insurance field. This training enables the students to gain proper employment after their graduation. This is a great service dedicated by dongbu insurance Hawaii to the insurance industry.

Customer Satisfaction:

There are positive as well as negative reviews of many insurance companies and dongbu insurance Hawaii is no exception. According to a positive review, dongbu insurance Hawaii, the premium rates are of a great value and the staff really works well in helping its customers in getting the coverage, they prefer and that too at affordable rates. At the same time, you cannot sideline the negative comments and this should be taken as a positive attitude and believe that there is a hope for great improvement, especially in respect of satisfactory customer service.

The internationally renowned rating agency namely A.M.Best has affirmed the financial strength of dongbu insurance and awarded the rating of A (excellent) and the issuer credit rating of a+ .


Hawaii is flooded with many reputed insurance companies and some of them are local and some of them foreign companies. The people have to look for the benefits offered by these companies and choose the best one that fulfils their needs and coverages at affordable prices. Apart from the low price, customer satisfaction, strong financial base, easy process of claims and the like are the main characteristics of a good insurance company. People have to be vigilant in selecting the insurance company, they rely upon and purchase the required insurance coverage.