Little Known Ways To Rid Yourself Of Georgia Department of Insurance


There are many insurance companies doing various insurance businesses in Georgia. The activities of these insurance companies are necessarily to be regulated. Moreover, where will the people direct their complaints about insurance companies, if they suffer with any? For all these purposes, Department of Insurance was created in all the States of US and as such one such department is functioning in Georgia. Let us see the details of the duties and responsibilities of this department and its Head.

Department of Insurance:

An insurance commissioner is a public official in the executive branch of a State in the United States. As such the Georgia Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner is heading the Georgia insurance department. The commissioner of the department of insurance Georgia is fully responsible for regulating the functions of insurance companies of Georgia and ensuring fire safety in the State.

While most of the Commissioners are appointed, in some jurisdictions like Georgia, they are elected. The term of the Commissioner of insurance is four years. Similarly the powers granted to the Commissioners of Department of Insurance vary from State to State. The office of the Insurance Commissioner is established by either the State Constitution or by statute.

Each State has its own established rules and regulations to govern insurance companies. However, in order to have better coordination in regulating insurance, all Insurance Commissioners of States and territories are members of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

The eligibility conditions for a person to be elected as the Commissioner of Georgia department of insurance are as follows.

● Must have been a citizen of US for a minimum of ten years
● Must be a legal resident of Georgia for four years
● Must have attained 25 years of age.

Duties and Responsibilities of Insurance Commissioners:

The insurance commissioner is fully responsible for regulating the insurance industry and the Commissioner and the officers of the Department of Insurance have to ensure the following regularities.

1. To maintain fair pricing for the insurance products and services
2. Protecting the solvency of the insurance companies
3. Preventing unfair dealings and practices by the insurance companies
4. Ensuring availability of insurance coverage to every resident
5. To approve insurance rates
6. Examining the financial positions of the insurance companies at regular intervals
7. Issuing licenses to the insurance companies, brokers and agencies
8. Monitoring and regulating claims process

How the Department of Insurance Functions and What are the Powers?

The Department of Insurance Georgia is headed by the Commissioner and is ably assisted by a Chief Deputy Commissioner. The Chief Deputy Commissioner, appointed by the Commissioner, will discharge the duties and responsibilities of the Commissioner in the absence of the Commissioner.

The Commissioner is vested with powers to regulate the insurance companies regarding examination of records, investigation, hearing and judicial review and to issue penalties as and when found necessary.

The Department of Insurance Georgia Commissioner is empowered to enforce the laws related to insurance created by Georgia State legislature. He or she is also authorised to to produce rules relating to administration and enforcement of such laws.

As far as the physical examination of records is concerned, the Commissioner, as and when feels necessary, is empowered to examine the records of insurance companies, who are licensed to do business in Georgia, related to transactions, accounts, assets, and other matters that are related to insurance business. He or she can also examine dealings with the policyholders.

Normally the insurance companies are subjected to examination once in five years and the domestic insurance companies and rating organisations are also examined once in every five years.

Many insurance companies of Georgia might have appointed agents, sub-agents and brokers to promote their business and these agents are authorised to deal with the customers and helping them in buying insurance policies and coverages. These persons will also fall under the purview of the insurance Commissioner for examination.

The Commissioner of insurance has powers to conduct investigation to gather many information related to the activities of insurance companies, agents and others who are connected with the insurance transactions. The Commissioner is also empowered to hold hearings on possible violations by insurance companies.

Suppose a person gives a written complaint that he or she has been wronged under Georgia insurance law, the Commissioner can hold hearing provided that he or she feels that there is a ground to investigate on the complaint. The hearing will be held within 30 days after the demand is received. To hold the hearing, the Commissioner may conduct the hearing by himself or herself or can authorize any designated officer under his or her control.

The Commissioner has the right to impose penalty or remedy, subject to the law provisions, against anyone, who has been proved to be guilty of violation. As such the Commissioner of Insurance has enough powers to regulate the activities of the insurance companies and to ensure that no wrong is done to any customer.

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As long as everything goes well, there will be no problem. In general, people are careful in finding the reliable insurance company to buy whatever type of insurance they need. There are reliable agents and brokers, who can also help these people in getting the right coverage at affordable rates. Of course, there are some insurance companies, who go out of the way and provide wrong promises to the insured through their glaring advertising tricks. That is why the Department of Insurance exists and it takes care of the functioning of insurance companies and to ensure that no customer is affected.