Proof That Health Insurance Companies In Hawaii Is Exactly What You Are Looking For


The knowledge in health consciousness is good. You can keep your health in good conditions by so many methods such as doing workouts, proper exercises, eating balanced food, avoiding junk foods, etc. But, no one can stop himself or herself from being affected by illness. If it is a minor health problem, it can be easily solved by consulting a doctor and consuming medicines. But, if you suffer from chronic diseases or badly injured in an accident or you are in need of a surgery, then you will be put into trouble. The medical expenses involved in these circumstances will be beyond imagination and your entire savings will be wiped out. Here lies the importance of health insurance. Let us see the available health insurance facilities in Hawaii.

Hawaii Individual Health Insurance:

It is a daunting task to find a health insurance Hawaii especially for those, who are self employed or a family that is not covered under a health plan at work. Besides, if you have a pre-existing health condition, then you will be in trouble, as most of these cases are refused to be covered by Hawaii health insurance companies. The best way to avail a health insurance is to get a group health insurance plan which is normally done through your employer.

In general, the employer pays all the cost of Hawaii health care insurance premiums in respect of their employees and if an employee wants to add his or her spouse or a family member, he or she can do so by undertaking to pay additional costs.

At the same time, if you are self employed or lost your job, then it will be more difficult to find an affordable health plan Hawaii. However, these category of people can find some health care Hawaii plans designed for small business owners and self employed people. But, the cost of insurance will be high. At this stage, it forces you to shop around in finding an affordable health insurance. For this purpose, you are required to collect the quotes of several health insurance Hawaii companies and find the best plan that is reasonable to you.

Health Insurance Market:

As far as Hawaii health insurance is concerned, medical underwriting is allowed without restriction in Hawaii. This means that the insurance companies have the right to review the health history of the prospective customers. Your health status will be taken into account for the fixation of insurance premium. But, the customers are protected with guaranteed renewability under which you cannot be denied medical coverage, even if you become sick, having paid all the premiums.

Group Health Insurance:

The small business houses in Hawaii, who have employed 1 to 50 employees have to provide the employees with health insurance coverage under qualified prepaid group health plans. As such a major portion of the residents of Hawaii are covered under these health plans than any other State in the US. Further, medical underwriting is written with reasonable restrictions that are approved by the Department of Insurance.

As far as pre-existing conditions are concerned, the insurer may look back the medical history of the customer for the last six months and impose a 12 month exclusion period in respect of the people, who did not have prior medical coverage.

COBRA Health Coverage:

Hawaii offers Consolidate Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA). The companies who have employed 20 or more employees that offer health insurance must offer continuous health insurance coverage for benefits that were lost due to job loss or reduction in working hours or death or divorce.

If anyone, who cannot avail medical insurance Hawaii either by a private provider or through associations, he or she may become eligible for the Government sponsored subsidized programs, through which, he or she can get health insurance subject to satisfying certain eligibility conditions. Medicaid program is managed by Med-Quest Division in Hawaii State.

The services covered under Medicaid are inpatient services, outpatient hospital services, vaccination for children, prenatal care, physicians services, nursing facility services for those who are 21 years of age or more, family planning services and supplies, rural health clinic services, laboratory services, pediatric services, ambulatory services and more.

HMO Health Insurance Plans:

Under this plan, called Health Maintenance Organization, you are provided with health insurance coverage, if you receive services from the available network of doctors. Only exemption is that you can avail emergency health services from the doctors that fall outside this network.

PPO Health Plans:

A PPO or Preferred Provider Organization is a managed care arrangement consisting of group of hospitals, doctors and other providers who have made agreements with the insurer to provide health services. The members under this plan are entitled to visit any doctor who does not come under the network created under the scheme.

How Health Coverage Works?

Health insurance coverage plays a major role when you suffer from major illness or injury. It is a financial protection for you as the medical costs have gone rapidly. Getting an appropriate health coverage protects you from a large portion of medical bills, you have to meet at the time of exigencies. Different health plans are as follows.

● Individual health insurance
● Family health insurance
● Group health insurance
● Short term health insurance
● Student health insurance.

The top health insurance companies in Hawaii are Humana, United Health One, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and many more. These health insurance companies are offering a wide range of health insurance plans for the benefit of the residents of Hawaii and the people have to avail their services.

Hawaii health connector was once a health insurance marketplace in the State of Hawaii. This was created in the year 2013 in accordance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This marketplace offered about 95 different health plans. But, due to various difficulties including technical problems the system was closed in the year 2015.


There are many health insurance plans provided by private insurers as well as the Government and the people of Hawaii must make best use of the health schemes created for their benefits.