Everything You Wanted to Know About Home Insurance Companies In Florida and Were Afraid To Ask


Owning a home is the largest investment you will ever have. When you buy a home, your experience will be hard to explain. You might have suffered to get finance for buying or building your home and you might have met many real estate agents and finance providers. Despite your hard efforts, it brings happiness to everyone to own a home. After acquiring a home, it is your responsibility to safeguard your property from damages due to natural calamities and other disasters. It is the best idea to insure your home with a reputable company and save your life time investment.

Necessity of Home Insurance:

You are aware that Florida is a place subject to frequent invasion of floods, hurricane winds, tornados and the like. If you live in Florida, you have to face these challenges with necessary preparation. It is a known fact that you cannot fight with the nature but can save your property by availing proper FL home insurance. Home insurance companies in Florida are the blessings in disguise during the time of natural calamities or in time of exigencies and need.

How to Buy an Affordable Home Insurance?

In order to find an affordable home insurance, you need to shop around. You have to contact local brokers or insurance agents representing many leading Florida home insurance companies to understand the different types of insurance coverages, they offer.

Moreover, almost all insurance companies have their own websites and you can browse these websites to search for home insurance quotes of a handful of leading companies. Analyze all the quotes on your hand and make a comparative study to get the best deal. If you are not able to understand the contents of the insurance policies, you can ask for the opinions from reliable agents.

While comparing the quotes of several insurance companies, you should also inquire about the discounts offered by the companies. Most of the companies offer discounts for senior citizens with age 62 or more. Some of them also offer discounts on the safety features made by you at your home. You have to find out to which discounts, you are eligible and avail them without fail. These discounts will help you save about 10 to 15% on your premium rates.

Home Insurance Companies in Florida:

Owning a home is undoubtedly a rewarding endeavor as well as it is a huge investment. Many Florida home insurance companies offer home insurance policies to protect the homeowners property. The main two coverages offered by Florida home insurance companies are property protection and liability coverage. These home insurance companies are the integral part of the home owning experience.

To mention a few, some of the top home insurance companies that offer stupendous service to the residents of Florida are Auto Owners Home Insurance, Safeco Homeowners, Erie Homeowners, Farm Bureau Homeowners, Progressive Homeowners, Metlife Homeowners, Foremost Homeowners, AIG Homeowners Insurance, The Hartford Homeowners, Nationwide Homeowners and more.

Policies and Coverage:

One must understand what are the coverages offered by home insurance policies and they are as follows.

Structure: If your home experiences a total loss due to a disaster listed in your policy, your insurer will provide enough cover to re-construct your home as it was before.
Personal Belongings: If the personal belongings such as furniture, clothing, electronic goods and other personal items are either stolen or destroyed by an insured disaster, the insurer will provide coverage to re-equip your personal belongings to an extent of 50 to 70% of the amount of insurance coverage you have on the structure of your home.
Liability: Liability coverage provides coverage against lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage caused to other people in the vicinity of your home.
Temporary Living Expenses: If you could not live in your own home due to damage from a natural disaster or other event, covered by the policy, you will be provided with necessary coverage.
Stampeding with Wild Animals: If wild animals fierce through your fence and cause considerable damage to your living room, you will have insurance coverage. This coverage will not hold good in case of domestic animals.

There are some more incidents, which are not covered by normal FL home insurance policies. But, you can get such coverage on additional payments. These circumstances are emergency living expenses, flood insurance, pool deaths and the like.

Some General Facts:

Most home insurance policies do not cover damages to your home due to floods. Those people, who are expected to get affected by frequent floods, can think of purchasing a separate flood insurance policy. In this regard, your local insurance agent will be able to help you.

The agents of Florida home insurance companies will be in a position to explain you about about the home insurance claim process, what are the coverages that protect your home and provide you on how to install safety measures in your home.

If you live in an area, there are catastrophic coverages and you may need to include these coverages in your policy. Likewise, earthquake is another issue. If this is an issue in your area, consider adding this coverage in your insurance policy. This is more important as an earthquake may destroy the foundation of your home and your home will face a total destruction. Protection from identity theft is also one of the major problems faced by home owners. Coverage on this point is also essential.

Finding the Best Home Insurance Quotes:

A majority of home insurance companies have created their own websites. Through these online tools, you can get the quotes of several insurance companies for your comparison purpose. This comparison will enable you to arrive at a best rate that fulfils your required covered along with reasonable prices.


Having invested in a big way in buying or building your own home, it is needless to say that you have to protect it from natural disasters. Protection by yourself is not possible and no one can prevent such damages on own strength. That is why you need a proper home insurance with all necessary coverage, you need. The coverages depend on the area you live. Insure your home and lead a peaceful life under the umbrella of home insurance.