Interesting Tips I Bet You Never Knew About Homeowners Insurance Companies in Alaska


Owning a house is everyone's dream in his or her lifetime. Own home is a prized property bought from hard earned money and it needs to be protected from fire, flood, earthquake, etc. The way of protection is to get a homeowners insurance policy. You are at liberty to shop around and find the best insurance company that provides you the best coverage with reasonable premium rates.

Necessity of Homeowners Insurance:

Alaska's unique geographical location makes the State susceptible to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, landslides and wildfires. Besides, there are dangerous factors such as extreme winter and heavy snow, which may cause the damage to your house and other belongings. Therefore, homeowners in Alaska have every reason to buy a homeowners insurance from a reputed insurance company by selecting an insurance policy that is comprehensive and provide protection to your valuable assets.

Alaska Homeowners Insurance:

It may be a surprise, but, it is a fact that the homeowners insurance Alaska rates are very close to National average. However, the premium rates vary from house to house depending on the structure, occupied area, location and the like. One can approach a local agent, who will help compare different homeowners insurance companies quotes. They will also help you in finding a reasonably priced coverage to secure your home.

Home Insurance Coverage:
A majority of home insurance policies offer standard coverage types in order to protect your home, your belongings and your family. Let us see some of the standard types of coverage in the ensuing paragraphs.

Dwelling: This coverage will protect the structure of your house like walls, roofs, etc.
Other Structures: This type of coverage will provide coverage to the other structures of your home such as sheds, separate garage, etc.
Personal Property: Personal property coverage will protect your personal belongings such as furniture, bicycles, stereos and the like. If these properties are stolen or damaged outside your house, this coverage will help replace them.
Liability Insurance: Suppose someone visits your house and got injured on your property, this coverage will protect you from the claims or sues for damages.
Guest Medical Protection: This policy would help you to meet the medical expenses, if a visitor to your home is injured on your property.

As an additional information, flood insurance is not normally included in homeowners insurance Alaska and you are advised to take a separate coverage called flood insurance policy. As an additional protection, there is one policy called as "personal umbrella insurance" with which, you can get liability protection beyond your current home and auto insurance policy limits.

A local insurance agent will help you in understanding the home insurance claim process, home insurance coverage and other sources that can help protect your home. There are many reputed homeowners insurance companies such as Allstate home insurance, which could provide you affordable home insurance policies. State Farm and Country Financial are the other reputed insurance companies that could help you with suitable homeowners insurance Alaska policies.

Ways to Spend Less on Home Insurance Policy:

First of all you should not take a hasty decision on buying a homeowners insurance policy. You cannot just decide on seeing the references of one or two insurance companies. You have to explore the possibilities of collecting the quotes of some of the leading insurance companies. You can also get the quotes online to estimate the cost of different policies offered by different companies. After comparing the quotes, select the insurance company that suits your requirements as well as your budget.

You can get low premiums by increasing your deductibles. Deductible is a portion of the claim that you have to pay before your insurance company pays the claims as per the terms of your policy. If you set a higher deductible, you will be benefited with a low premium rate. As the deductible increases, the premium decreases. Therefore, you can set the amount of deductibles, which you can afford to.
It all depends on the location of your house. If your home is located in an area, which is often prone to damages by natural disasters like flood, storm, earthquakes, etc. there are chances of setting a separate deductible amount on your policy. Therefore, as far as possible, you have to buy a home in a location such that it is based away from damage prone areas.

Try to avoid making small claims. This practice will exhaust your policy and you will not be eligible for claims towards bigger losses in the future. As far as possible try to settle the smaller issues by yourself, instead of going for a claim from insurance companies.

It is always essential to install home security systems such as fire alarms, smoke alarms, water leakage alarms, burglar alarms, etc. This will avoid higher premium rates.

You can also avoid buying unnecessary coverage. For instance earthquake coverage is not necessary for the areas, which are not prone to such disasters. Similarly, do not insure your land in which your construction is standing. There will be no damage done to your land by fire or otherwise the land cannot be stolen.

Some insurance companies offer age and professional discounts. There are discounts for retired persons and people with good credit ratings. You have to be wise enough in not eliminating the chances to save your money in the form of discounts.

Review of Insurance Policy:

You should not sit in your house after buying a homeowners insurance policy. You have to review the terms of the policy as well as your belongings, which you might have acquired after getting the policy. It is always better to review the policy every year and renew your policy with new coverages, as required then and there.


Your house is a big investment, which cannot be repeated very often. It is, therefore, essential to insure your home with all the required coverage. This will enable you to lead a happy life with a strong hope that the insurance company will come to your rescue at the need of the hour. Find the best homeowners insurance company and remain secured.