Brilliant Tips To Use Homeowners Insurance Companies In Georgia


Constructing a own home is not a joke. Besides investing a huge money, you have to take some hard efforts such as meeting the real estate agents, construction engineers or companies, permission granting authorities and so many agencies to complete a home in full shape. Even, if you intend to buy a home, except for construction procedures, you have to follow all other steps until the home is handed over to you after getting sale deed executed. Think of the hard earned money invested on this own home. Therefore, you have the responsibility to save and maintain your home from natural disasters or from other damages. No need to fight with nature, which is also impossible. But, you have to buy a homeowners insurance, which will provide necessary coverage to compensate the losses, if any, you incur.

Homeowners Insurance in Georgia:

As far as homeowners insurance Georgia is concerned, there are many reputed companies doing the insurance business for the benefits of the residents of Georgia, who are interested in buying home insurance. Some of the best companies that provide homeowners insurance in GA are as follows.

1. Allstate Insurance
2. Geico
3. Progressive Casualty
4. Liberty Mutual
5. Nationwide
7. Farmers
8. American Family
9. Travelers Insurance and
10. Country Financial

There are many factors that influence the premiums of homeowners insurance Georgia. They are age of your home, crime rates, natural disasters. Age of your home is under your control. The other factors are beyond your control. Besides the above factors, there are more factors that affect the homeowners insurance premium rates.

Home prices can greatly affect the insurance premium in any State. A higher price of a home is the main cause for the higher premiums of home insurance. Further, burglary is also a serious crime and if the crime rate is very high in a State, naturally the homeowners insurance in GA will witness an increasing trend.

Homeowners insurance GA covers many risks such as lightning, theft, vandalism, storms, fire, explosions, weight of ice snow and sleet, smoke damage and the like. Standard insurance policy also provides coverage from the damage to the electrical and plumbing systems. Suppose, your children stay in campus or hostels, there are some special provisions under standard homeowners insurance policies to protect their belongings also.

Different Levels of Homeowners Insurance:

There are three different levels of homeowners insurance in GA and they are actual cash value, replacement costs and guaranteed replacement costs. If you insure under actual cash value plan, you will get the present depreciated value of your belongings, if they are damaged by any natural cause. On the other hand, the level called as replacement costs will pay the amount to replace the lost items at the present cost or replacing possessions, whereas guaranteed replacement costs will help you in rebuilding the house, if the entire house is damaged due to a natural cause.

By buying a homeowners insurance Georgia, the financial risk is transferred to the insurer and the insured is paying the insurance premiums either every month or on an annual basis. Further, homeowners insurance will also meet the medical expenses of your guests, who are injured in your premises.

Ways to Reduce Homeowners Insurance Premiums:

It is a known fact that the homeowners insurance Georgia is expensive. However, there are ways to reduce the premium rates. The easiest way to reduce the premium is to increase your deductibles. If you enhance your home security system, you will get deduction in the premium rates. You can also note that non-smokers pay less premiums on an annual average than regular smokers.

Coverage Exclusions:

You must understand that normal homeowners insurance do not cover certain damages such as damage due to floods, earthquakes and hurricanes. To cover these risks, you have to buy a different insurance policy. Suppose your living area is not prone to be affected by disasters such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, you can save a considerable amount on insurance premiums, as you do not require such special insurance coverages.

The homeowners are advised to include sewer backup as an additional coverage in their homeowners insurance in GA. This is less expensive and would cover sewer backup into a home that could damage the floors, walls, furniture and electrical systems. Homeowners insurance GA also provide coverage to the structures such as sheds, landscape, etc. that lie outside your home also.

Georgia Homeowners Insurance:

The best homeowners insurance Georgia annual average premium is quoted as about $1089, which is very close to the national annual average, which is slated as $1132. You may also note that the majority of claims in Georgia are catastrophic based and to be in precise, the main causes of damage are geographical risks and severity of storms, such as tornados and hurricanes. Similarly wind is also the most common cause for claims submitted with the insurance companies. At the same time, one cannot neglect the possibilities of the damages done by floods and wildfires, which are seasonal and not perennial.

The residents of Georgia are advised not to miss the opportunities of availing the premium discounts for military affiliation, providing storm shutters to their houses and other safety features.

On your part, the homeowners should not make false claims. They should also avoid small claims, which they can manage by themselves. By such activities, you can earn the goodwill of the companies providing homeowners insurance Georgia.

Some Important Points:

1. If your home is located very near to a fire station or an easy access to it, your insurance premium may be less.
2. Houses constructed with non-flammable materials such as bricks, stones and concrete can attract low premiums than the houses constructed using wood.
3. When you quote the value of your house, do not include the value of the land. This is unwarranted, as the land is not going to be affected by natural disasters, in general.
4. It is better to conduct an inventory of your belongings as this will be useful while there is a necessity to claim.


Even though, home insurance is not mandatory, it is your bounden duty to safeguard your house from natural disasters by insuring your home with necessary coverages with a reputed insurance provider. This action will bring peace of mind to you and your family members.