The A - Z Guide Of Homeowners Insurance Companies In Hawaii


Finally your dream has come true. Yes, you own a house earned through your hard earned money. If you live in a place, where there is no fear about natural disasters, you need not worry. But, if you live in an area where hurricanes, floods, storms and other forms of natural disasters strike very often, it is necessary to protect your hard earned property from such devastation. This does not mean that you can avoid natural disasters, but, your property can be properly insured so that the damage to your home can be compensated by the insurer. That is why homeowners insurance exists and we shall see the best uses of the same here below.

Nature of Hawaii:

Residents of Hawaii have to face many challenges throughout the year. In spite of beautiful weather, the people of Hawaii are facing hurricane season, which lasts from June to November of a year. Further, volcanic activity causes minor earthquakes in some parts of Hawaii. The companies offering homeowners insurance Hawaii are well aware of the local situations and the needs of the people and therefore, they offer customized coverage to them.

Hawaii Homeowners Insurance Companies:

Hawaii homeowners insurance companies offer a wide range of coverage options, plans with affordable prices and satisfactory customer service to the homeowners of Hawaii. Some of the reputed insurance companies are Geico, Farmers, State Farm, Allstate, Travelers, USAA, First Insurance Company of Hawaii, Zephyr Insurance Company and more.

Coverage Options:

Residents of Hawaii need an insurance provider, who can be reliable and who is able to pay out your claims in quick time. Therefore, be sure in selecting an insurance company that is reliable and have strong financial stability.

As far as Hawaii homeowners insurance coverage is concerned, an HO3 policy is the most standard insurance policy that protects your dwellings and possessions. Your dwelling is covered under open perils policy and your possessions are covered under named perils policy. Your home is covered for all perils except those items that are excluded from the list. Your belongings are protected by named perils and this implies that the items explicitly listed in the policy are only covered.

Suppose you own highly valued possessions such as jewels, antiques and the like, you need an HO5 policy. Under this policy, your belongings are covered under open perils policy and you can enjoy the same coverage as your home itself has. The thing is that you have to provide a complete list of your belongings along with their estimated values to the insurer. Ensure that you do not underestimate the values of your belongings and for this purpose, you can get the assistance of an independent appraiser.

Special Locations of Homes:

Suppose your home is located in an area which is prone to volcanic attack, then you can get Hawaii homeowners insurance coverage from "Hawaiian Property Insurance Association", which is exclusively created by the Government, if the private insurers refuse to insure those houses that are likely to be affected by lava. Ensure that the terms of your policy includes the coverage for volcanic damages, if the location of your home needs the same.

Similarly, if your house is located near an ocean, you have to get the hurricane coverage in your insurance. Normally homeowners insurance Hawaii hurricane coverage will not include flood damage and this should also be included as a special coverage. At the same time, if your roof is blown due to hurricane wind and your belongings are ruined by the follow through rain, these damages will be covered by hurricane coverage.

Factors Required:

Before providing with a quote, an insurance provider will need the information such as the age of the home, the amount of insurance required, square footage of your home, building materials used, finished or unfinished basement, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, past insurance history (if any), claims you have made in the past, distance from fire hydrant, police station and fire station, security alarm systems in your home and the like.

While deciding the Homeowners insurance Hawaii insurance amount, you need, on your house, you have to consider the replacement value as against the market value. The actual replacement cost is required to have an estimate of rebuilding your home today from the basement including labor costs.

Annual Average Premiums in Hawaii:

The annual average Hawaii homeowners insurance premium is estimated as $1018 under an HO3 policy as against the national average, which is approximately $1132 per annum. However, the insurance premiums may vary according to the size of your home, the location, your assets and the like.

Some Reviews of Certain Companies:

"Allstate" is one among the top homeowners insurance Hawaii companies and is known for its generous discounts and impressive online resources. If you insure your home and car together with them, you are likely to save about 30% on your premium. They also offer a welcome discount of 10% to the new customers.

"State Farm" is one of the largest insurance providers in Hawaii and is best known for its good service on claims management, customer service, clearing of complaints, etc. The company has a great financial stability.

"USAA" Insurance company is reputed for its service on claims management, which is an important aspect of Hawaii homeowners insurance. Customers of USAA are very much satisfied with the way their claims are settled. This company takes a very quick time in settling the claims made by the customers.

"First Insurance Company of Hawaii" may not offer various discounts but the discounts offered by them are really unbeatable. With their multi policy discount, a customer can become eligible for nearly 40% discount on premium rates. This is a century old company and they are well aware of the local culture and situations as well as the needs of the residents of Hawaii.

Besides the above companies, there are many insurance companies that serve the people of Hawaii in a better manner.


There are plenty of options for the residents and homeowners of Hawaii to insure their own homes. The residents can utilise these opportunities and insure their homes and get the coverage, they needed, and safeguard themselves from the probable financial loss due to natural disasters.