Homeowners Insurance Rates And Quotes In Florida: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All


Purchasing or buying a home on your own is a prestigious investment and it needs to be protected by availing home insurance facilities offered by leading reputed homeowners insurance companies in Florida. However, insurance cannot be bought in haste and a lot of researches are to be done before executing the same. We are going to see the details on how to search the quotes of reputed insurance companies in this article.

Get Rates Online:

Before buying a home insurance coverage, you must know how much you have to pay and what are the coverages, you will get and more details. You must also know how different aspects your home and situation can affect your plan. Now, there are a number of resources available for residents of Florida to provide all relevant information regarding home insurance quotes in Florida.

Nature of Florida:

Florida is a State, which is often hit by wind damage. Most of the counties are vulnerable to water, wind damage and hurricanes. The damages caused by hurricanes also results in flooding and this necessitates to have additional coverage. Tornadoes are usually covered under windstorm event and this is covered under home insurance. However, you have to check with your policy whether any additional coverage is required or not.

Online Quotes:

There are ample facilities online and you can get easily the Florida homeowners insurance rates and it is essential to get the quotes that include basic coverage with current replacement value and storm damage, which include floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.

There are many online resources for Florida residents to get homeowners insurance Florida rates and one among such best resources is the Florida Office of Insurance Regulations. They have provided a website from where you will be able to use the Consumer Homeowners Insurance Comparison Electronic System. This system enables you to get homeowners insurance Florida quotes in respect of a good number of insurance companies. If you enter the value of your home and the year of construction, you will get the respective quotes for your comparison purpose.

Home Insurance Policies and Contents:

You must be aware that Florida homeowners insurance quotes is different from other States as characteristics and types of disasters are unique to each State. For example Florida is prone to hurricane attack whereas California to earthquake. Naturally the insurance quotes will vary from company to company and from State to State and the prices of insurance are comparably high as Florida is prone to severe hurricane hits.

The important coverages of home insurance policies are structure of home, home belongings, other structures, liability coverage and the like. Similarly, certain significant elements of policies are deductibles, medical coverage, etc. In Florida, homeowners insurances are offered with a hurricane deductibles, which is usually calculated on the basis of overall home insurance value.

Standard homeowners insurance do not normally include flood coverage and this coverage can be purchased separately. Some areas are not usually affected by floods. In these cases, flood insurance may not be required and therefore, the home insurance coverages depend on the expected natural disasters that may attack the areas, in which you live.

Factors that Determine the Premium Rate:

There are many factors that decide your insurance premium rate and they are as follows.

● The premium rate is determined on the insurance value of your home.
● If your home is very close to the ocean, it is likely your home insurance is fixed on the higher side as your house can face a frequent hurricane attack.
● Homes in South Florida may be charged more premiums that those located in North Florida, as South Florida is subject to frequent hurricane attack.
● The usual deductible is $1000. If you enhance your deductibles to $2500 or $5000, your premium will be lowered.
● New houses are charged with lower premiums than older homes. Suppose you provide updated plumbing, heating systems and electrical systems in your older homes, the insurance companies may offer some additional discounts.
● Concrete block houses attract less premiums that frame constructed houses. Frame houses are more likely to be destroyed by fire and hurricane that concrete houses. ● If you provide hurricane shutters on all the doors and windows of your home, you are likely to be charged with less premium rates.
● The roof of your home is also a factor in deciding the premium rates. In general, hip shaped roofs will be charged with less prices.
● If you add your jewelry to your personal belongings, your insurance premium will go up.
● If you have a good credit history and pay your dues in time, you are likely to be offered discounts in your premium.

Each company gives priorities to these factors in different ways. It is good if you shop around seriously to find the Florida homeowners insurance rates to make sure that you are getting the right coverage at a reasonable price.

Ratings of Insurance Companies:

There are many factors that decide Florida homeowners insurance company ratings and they are how fast the claims are disposed, financial stability, satisfactory customer service and the like. According to a study on Florida homeowners insurance ratings, the companies such as Auto Owners homeowners insurance, Safeco Homeowners, Erie Homeowners, Farm Bureau Homeowners, Progressive Homeowners, Metlife Homeowners, Foremost Homeowners, AIG Homeowners Insurance, The Hartford Homeowners and Nationwide Homeowners are rated high in the home insurance field. This list may not be final and there are more companies that serve better.

County Insurance Rates:

As regards to Florida homeowners insurance ratings by county, Leon has a lowest premium rate of $1120 per year and Monroe stands for the highest annual premium rate which is quoted as $5543. Leon, Duval, Clay, Alachua and Putnam represent for lower insurance premium rates whereas Monroe, Miami-dade, Martin, Collier and Indian River stand for higher rates.


It is understood that home insurance premiums are decided on many factors and you have to choose the right coverage, you need, according to the climate conditions prevailing. There is no point in finding the cheapest insurance, which will not be sufficient in some areas and use your wisdom and seek the advice of experienced and independent agents before deciding the coverage, you need. Price alone is not an important factor and others factors should also be given due regard.