You Will Thank Us - Tips About Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company You Need To Know


There are many reputed insurance companies in Illinois that provide all types of insurances and one among the significant types of insurances is Life Insurance. Any life insurance company guarantees to pay the insured amount to the family of the insured, if the insured faces premature death in some unforeseen circumstances. The life insurance helps the family members of the insured to carry on their life process even after the demise of the breadwinner. We are going to see one such life insurance company that operates in Illinois and in other States.

Illinois mutual insurance company with headquarters at Peoria, Illinois is an experienced provider of life insurance, disability income insurance, annuity products and workplace insurance. This insurance company was established in the year 1910 and operates its business in about 47 States supported by extensive network of independent agents.

Illinois mutual insurance company's Illinois office address is as given below.

Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Co.
300, SW Adams Street,
Phone: 309-674-8255.
Fax: 309-674-2076.

Illinois mutual life insurance company offers term life, return of premium term, whole and universal life insurance and mature market products. Apart from the above, the company also offers personal disability insurance, return of premium disability insurance, business expense, special risk disability insurance, special risk business expense and worksite disability products. In addition, the company also offers select advantage annuity, market adjusted and single premium immediate annuity products.

Life Insurance:

Life insurance lays a strong financial foundation for your family and helps to achieve the goals, you have set for. You might have aimed in achieving long range financial goals. Do you think that without your contribution, as a breadwinner of the family, your family can reach those planned goals? In the event of your unfortunate and premature death, your family may even struggle to hold on the regular life process. Here comes Illinois mutual insurance company to your rescue by providing life insurance with attractive and useful terms.

Illinois mutual insurance products make it easy to achieve your goals by proper planning and stabilising your family's financial condition, should the unexpected happen.

Some of the Insurance Plans Offered:

Path Protector Whole Life: This policy provides lifetime coverage with premiums, death benefits and cash values for the guaranteed life of your family members in the event of your unfortunate premature death. This is a valuable asset to protect your overall financial interest to achieve your long and cherished goals. On the part of the insured, the premiums have to be paid on a regular basis.

Under this policy, your premium rates will not change during the entire policy period regardless of the changes in your health conditions or age.

Path Protector Term Life: This is a guaranteed premium term life insurance policy and it can be renewed until the policyholder reaches the age of 95. The premiums are fixed at guaranteed level for the initial term period of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. The policy can be renewed after each term period at annual increasing premium rates until the insured reaches the age of 95.

The benefits of this policy are as follows.

● Maximum amount of coverage for a minimum cost
● Ideal for a specified period of time to be fixed by the policyholder
● Coverage periods are flexible
● The policy can be renewed without proving insurability
● The policy can be converted to a permanent one

Path Protector Return of Premium Term Life Insurance: This policy offered by Illinois mutual insurance company provides life protection if you need it or give the money back if you don't need it. This is available for the face values ranging from $25,000 to $250,000. If the policy's initial term ends and its terms have been fulfilled, then 100% of your returnable premium will be paid back to you as a return of premium endowment benefit.

Path Protector Final Expense Insurance: You might have built your house by availing mortgage loans or bank loans. If you face a premature death, your family will be held responsible to repay the debts, which enhances the financial stress of your family. To avoid this, this policy provides an income tax free benefit to help your family to meet the expenses on funeral costs, probate expenses, clearing outstanding financial debt and clear medical bills.

The benefits of the above policy can also be utilised to meet the expenses on children's collegiate education, to provide income to your survivors, giving away as a charitable gift to a church or any non profit organization and to create an endowment fund. This depends upon the needs of your family and it is the discretion of your family members.

Disability Insurance:

This is one of the insurance benefits offered by Illinois mutual insurance company. Disability insurance is the one that intends to replace the income of a working person's income when a disability prevents him or her from attending to work. This policy does not cover medical care or long term care services. This will provide benefits when you are over 65 years of age at which time, you may be in need of long term care services.

Workplace Insurance:

This is yet another insurance policy offered by the Illinois mutual insurance company. Even though, the workplaces are safe for the employees, accidents do happen. For these people, injured in accidents in workplace, this Illinois mutual insurance provides coverage. This policy assures medical care and compensation for a portion of their income they lose when they are unable to work because of the injuries sustained at the workplace. At the same time it also saves the employers from being sued by the injured workers for compensation.

It may be noted that the workers are paid the compensation irrespective of the fact that who was responsible for the accident. At the same time if a worker is killed in an accident in the work premises, then he or she will be provided with death benefits for the dependents of the worker.


Some of the important insurance policies offered by Illinois mutual life insurance company have been explained in the above paragraphs. The people are advised to use these facilities and get benefited according to their needs and necessities.