Actionable Tips on Insurance Companies In Atlanta


Insurance is nothing but an arrangement between a company or a State with an individual to pay a guaranteed amount of compensation to the person or entity for a specified loss, damage of property, illness or death when the individual agrees to pay an amount as monthly premium to the insurer. There are many types of main policies and some of them are life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, property insurance and homeowners insurance. The contract between an individual and the insurer is made to minimize the loss to be faced by the person at the time of exigencies. Let us understand the insurance facilities that prevail in Atlanta, Georgia State.

Insurance in Atlanta:

As you are aware that auto insurance is mandatory in Atlanta, Georgia, there are a good number of reputed auto insurance companies in Atlanta. In fact, many leading companies offer all types of insurances such as life insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, etc.

Atlanta is the State capital of Georgia. Further, it is one among the largest and metropolitan cities in US. Nearly 5.5 million people reside in Atlanta and every family has a minimum of two cars. Therefore, heavy traffic congestion prevails in Atlanta and this is much more during rainy days. Many highways and city streets are flooded with all types of vehicles. Even if the drivers maintain a safe distance between vehicles on roads, accidents are not unusual in Atlanta. Therefore, it is important to buy an adequate auto insurance to protect you and your vehicle.

There are many reputed and licensed insurance companies in Atlanta and one among them is Geico. This insurance company offers auto insurance for the vehicles such as auto, motorcycle, ATV, RV, boats and more. It also provides property insurance such as homeowners insurance, renters insurance, condo/townhouse insurance and the like. Similarly, this insurance company also offers health insurance, life insurance etc. to the residents of Atlanta at affordable prices.

Car Insurance:

Having purchased a new car, you would be definitely searching for a company to get insurance coverage from among the car insurance companies in Atlanta. But, the kind of car insurance, people search for, are different from each other. Some drivers may be looking for car insurance at very affordable prices without caring for better customer service. Some others do not care to pay high premiums but they may expect exemplary service from the insurer. Finally, you will decide which ATL insurance company is to be chosen wholly depend on the factors such as price, customer service and how the coverage suits your needs.

You are aware that car premium rates are determined on the basis of many factors. Among all, your driving history plays a vital role in this regard, the other factors being your age, gender, credit score, marital status and other personal information. Moreover, the geographical factors that influence premium rates are the amount of traffic, local weather and crime rates.

Traffic congestion on the roads, rash driving and the long drives by certain drivers on a regular basis are the main reasons to get involved in accidents. All these factors will have to be taken into account in fixing the premium rates. A vehicle could be damaged due to a catastrophic weather. Water damage will often occur in Georgia than Atlanta. Frequent car theft and vandalism are also significant factors for fixing higher premium rates.

Apart from minimum liability coverage required by law in Atlanta viz.25/50/25, you have to get a coverage well above this limit and this alone will save you from financial crisis in the event of exigencies.

Some of the top and reputed insurance companies in Atlanta are as follows.

1. Geico: This is one among the top five insurance companies in US and considered as the most the cheapest in any area.
2. Progressive: Another popular company and best known for its quick commercial and forward thinking products.
3. State Farm: This is the largest insurance company in the US and best known for its satisfactory customer service. This company is strongly supported by well experienced staff and insurance agents.
4. Unitrin: This is a direct sales insurance company and offers various policies and coverages at affordable prices.
5. Esurance: Of late this company has merged with AllState. This company mainly focuses on online customers with minimal contact but with strong customer support staff. 6. Nationwide: This is a mutual insurance company. The policyholder are also allowed to hold the stocks of the company. Policies are also sold through independent agents and through online.
7. USAA: Originally this company was doing business only for military personnel and their families and at present, take on varieties of customers.
8. AllState: This, being one among the popular companies in US, deals with all types of insurance such as life, health, auto, homeowners and the like. Apart from selling the policies through agencies, now they do the business through websites also.
9. Farmers: Insurance is offered to all kinds of drivers. This company was initially created as mutual insurance company exclusively for farming communities and now business is extended to all kinds of insurances.
10. Travelers: This is known as a popular company in dealing with auto insurance policies. Besides US, this company is doing business in some foreign countries too.

The above mentioned leading insurance companies in Atlanta deal with all types of insurances and are best known for satisfactory customer service.

As far as health ATL insurance is concerned, there are again many leading companies serving the residents of Atlanta such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Health Market Insurance Company, Cigna, National Health Insurance, Humana, Aetna, Amerigroup Community and more. Besides, the top ten companies, mentioned above also deal with the health insurance for the benefit of people of Atlanta.

There are also many leading companies and local insurers as well as reputed agencies stationed in Atlanta and they offer many types of insurances.


Atlanta is flooded with a good number of insurance companies and people of Atlanta have to utilise their services and get the coverage, they require, at reasonable rates, after analysing quotes offered by them.