Insurance Companies In Jacksonville


Everyone is aware of the importance of availing insurance facility, which saves you from financial crisis. There are a good number of insurance companies in Jacksonville, Florida offering all types of insurances for the benefit of the residents. Let us look at the available insurance facilities in Jacksonville in the following paragraphs.

General information on Insurance:

Among all other insurances, auto insurance and health insurance play a vital role in one's life. While auto insurance is mandatory, health insurance is a necessity. Next comes life insurance, which guarantees the life for the members of a family even after the sudden death of the family's breadwinner.

Auto Insurance in Jacksonville:

Jacksonville is the largest city in the State of Florida having an area of about 875 square miles. Therefore, most of the people have to experience a long drive to reach their destinations. Here the importance of finding suitable auto insurance is felt absolutely necessary. There are many reputed insurance companies in Jacksonville, FL to strive hard for the benefits of the residents.

If you are spending a lot of time on driving on the roads of Jacksonville, you need to find cheap auto insurance rates, which is very much important. You may be aware that car insurance is expensive in Jacksonville when compared to the State of Florida and that of national average. The average cost of car insurance is $1254 in a year for men and it is $1394 for women in Jacksonville as against $1140.84 prevailing in Florida. The national average car insurance rate exists as $866.31. Of course, the car insurance premium rate will vary according to individual's driving record and other factors. As per the residents and road users of Jacksonville, the top car insurance companies are as follows. They are Geico, Progressive, State Farm, AllState, USAA, Esurance, Liberty Mutual, AIG, Nationwide and Farmers.

There are some more popular car insurance companies in Jacksonville, FL like Hartford, MetLife, Safeco, 21st Century, Travelers, American Family, Mercury, Country Financial and Allied. These companies are contributing best services to the residents of Jacksonville.

Health Insurance in Jacksonville:

As a resident of Jacksonville, you have a number of health insurance companies to choose from. At the outset, you have to choose the right plan, you need. One of the most commonly purchased health insurance plans by the residents of Jacksonville is individual plans. This is the apt health insurance plan, if you are unmarried or self employed or if your employer do not cover you under group insurance scheme.

Once you get married, you have to examine your spouse's health insurance plan. If he or she is availing already a health insurance plan, your name can also be added to that plan or vice versa. At the same time, you have a spouse, children and other dependants, then you have to switch over to the family health plan. This plan will cover your entire family members. Here again, there are many leading health insurance companies Jacksonville, FL to serve you better.

Other Popular Insurance Companies:

Shapiro Insurance Group is yet another popular insurance company serving the people of Jacksonville in a big way. They offer home insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, life insurance and more.

This insurance company has employed the staffs, who are well trained in the field and courteous to the people. They are well trained to advise the people, when they approach them for right insurance coverage. As far as home insurance is concerned, this insurance company is ready to offer the coverage, you need, and their staff is happy to advise you regarding the coverage that suits you and answers to your doubts in precise and clear terms.

They offer several home insurance policies that are comfortable to you in all aspects. This company represents many auto insurance carriers that provide exceptional policy coverage and premiums in Jacksonville. Besides, this insurance group also offers business insurance for all business establishments, whether big or small. They evaluate your business needs and advise you in protecting your assets in the event of loss in business.

Moreover, life insurance and financial security are also important in leading a decent life. This insurance group also offers life insurance at affordable quotes.

J.P.Perry Insurance, Inc is one among the largest insurance companies in Jacksonville, FL. This company also serves a good number of local families and business establishments and they represent more than twenty major insurance leaders that deal with health insurance, life insurance , auto insurance and more. Aided by richly experienced staff, this insurance company is serving the people in a better way in all the field of insurance coverages.

Another notable and reputed insurance company in Jacksonville is Brightway Insurance, which covers home insurance, auto insurance and more. When you choose Brightway, you can enjoy local expert insurance counsel and you will have plenty of choices of insurance companies for your selection. This company makes way for you to have an access of to more insurance companies and other agencies. They are able to build a package of policies, available before you, and these policies are customized to suit the customer's needs.

Apart from the above, there are many leading insurance companies functioning in Jacksonville, Florida to offer best services to the residents. It is for the people to analyze the profiles of such leading insurance companies and select the best one that suits to their needs with due coverage at affordable prices.

Many of the above mentioned insurance companies offer attractive discounts to the deserved people and the people can avail this facility to arrive at a better and affordable premium rate.


Many of the leading insurance companies have been mentioned here and besides, there are more reputed insurance companies in Jacksonville, Florida and the people are advised to make best use of these opportunities and lead a safe life. Nowadays, our lives are at risk and we need some or other insurance to lead a peaceful life and we are committed to guarantee a decent life to our family.