Quick and Easy Tips For Your Liability Insurance Companies In Georgia


Every business, whether small or big, needs general liability insurance to protect themselves from accidents or injuries that may take place in the business premises. General liability insurance will protect any business from such unexpected incidents. There are many plans and coverage options under general liability insurance and one can find the necessary coverage that suits his or her business as well as the budget provision. These insurance coverages will protect the business people from lawsuits. Everyone is aware that there are some business houses, which face great risk of meeting with accidents and getting injuries. Let us see how liability insurance coverage can be chosen to suit one’s business needs.

Importance of General Liability Insurance:

You are aware that minimum car liability insurance is required by law in any State of US and in Georgia too, the same law prevails. According to the motor vehicle insurance laws, a driver of Georgia need to purchase a minimum liability insurance to drive his or her vehicle on Georgia roads and the insurance rates are as follows.

● $25,000 bodily injury liability per person injured
● $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident and
● $25,000 for property damage liability.

Each and every owner or driver of a car has to buy this liability insurance GA coverage, as this is basically designed to protect the road users as well as you and your passengers.

If you own a company in Georgia, it is essential to have a liability insurance GA in order to protect your business and assets therein. Suppose a worker of your company becomes responsible for damaging the property of a customer or the customer himself or herself gets injured in the premises of your company, the liability insurance will provide coverage to the damages and injuries caused.

Facts about Business Liability Insurance:

Business liability insurance GA, also called as commercial general liability insurance, protects your Georgia business from any financial loss resulting from the claims of injury or damage caused to others either by you or your employees. The policy provides coverage during the following circumstances.

● Physical damage to a person other than the employee at your business premises and injuries caused to a third person by you or your employees at client’s house or at the workplace.
● Property damage caused by you or your employees to a private party’s property.
● Personal injury such as libel, slander, copyright infringement, invasion of property or privacy, false arrest, wrongful eviction, and other acts that cause physical and mental damage to the reputation of a customer.
● Losses caused to someone by your advertisements.
● Legal costs to defend you from real and frivolous suits and judgements up to the maximum limit of your insurance coverage. Punitive damages due to negligence and intentional damages will not come under the purview of this insurance coverage.

Unlike auto insurance, general liability insurance GA is not mandatory in Georgia. However, accidents and lawsuits are common to happen in respect of business sectors. As far as the question how much business liability insurance is required, it is true that the situation vary from business to business. The type of the business, you operate in Georgia and the products you manufacture and the services, you provide, are the deciding factors of the amount of liability insurance GA coverage, you require.

How Premiums are Calculated?

The premium of liability insurance GA is determined on the basis of many factors such as the types of services and products you produce, number of employees, how long you are running your business and your claims history. Coverage is typically capped at a specific dollar amount for your policy period.

Business liability insurance GA allows business entrepreneurs to protect their business from a variety of risks which include employee injuries, damages to the building from natural disasters, and even malpractices. Some of the insurance coverages are mandatory and some are optional. Many business houses are coming forward to opt for additional coverages in order to protect their employees as well as their business.

If you search online and shop for liability insurance GA, you can compare the quotes of many leading insurance companies and choose the one that provides your business necessary coverage at cheap liability insurance GA. Some of the prominent liability insurance companies GA that deal with general liability insurance in addition to the other types of insurances are Insureon, AmVenture, State Farm Business Insurance, Nationwide Small Business Insurance, Allstate Business Insurance, Zurich North America Small Business Insurance, Aflac Business Insurance, Hiscox Small Business Insurance, Shelter Business Insurance, Humana Small Business Insurance, Geico and more.

To mention some more liability insurance companies in Georgia, they are General Liability Insurance, Einsurance, Burnette Insurance, Lloyd Pro Group Insurance and Finance, East Mountain Insurors and much more.

There are many experienced agents, who represent many reputed insurance companies and they will be able to guide you in getting the right business liability coverage at cheap liability insurance GA rates to protect your assets and business.

Apart from the business liability insurance coverages mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, there are some more optional liability coverages. Some business houses may need and they are as given below.

Medical Payments coverage will protect you from any bodily injury to which you may be held legally responsible for.

Business Owners Policy coverage includes general liability coverages and above these coverages, it also takes care to cover your financial assets. This is nothing but a two-in-one policy that provides coverage in protecting your business.

Commercial Auto policy coverage provides coverage to all your vehicles that are connected to your business use.

Professional Liability Insurance, which is also called as Errors and Omissions Insurance is a policy, which covers you for alleged harm to your client caused by your recommended business services or advice.

Of course, the nature of your business, the products and services produced by you, extent of your business, your investment, number of employees and the like are the main factors to be considered before deciding on the amount of liability insurance GA to be purchased.


Now, the business houses of Georgia might have understood the importance of having business liability insurance and its coverages. Business assets are of great value and they need to be protected by means of availing an appropriate insurance coverage. Rush to get one.