Have You Heard? Medical Insurance Companies In Indiana Is Your Best Bet To Grow


You are aware that auto insurance is mandatory in almost all the States of United States of America and elsewhere in the world. But, health insurance is obligatory in general. But, President Obama enacted a comprehensive health care plan with an intention of making affordable health insurance to more people. Let us discuss about the health care plans in Indiana and how private health insurance companies function in Indiana in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Indiana Health Insurance:

There are many reputed health insurance companies in Indiana offering best health insurance plans for the people of Indiana. Besides, introduction of Affordable Care Act in the year 2010 has helped more people to avail medical insurance Indiana facilities and the proportion of uninsured people has come down to a greater extent.

Affordable Care Act in Indiana:

Under the ACA, Indiana has a federally facilitated exchange through which the people can use healthcare.gov. to buy health insurance plans that qualify for subsidies. A set of ten categories of services are made available to the people, who buy health insurance plans under ACA and they include ambulatory patient services, emergency services, rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices, laboratory services, doctor’s services, inpatient and outpatient services, prescription drug coverage, pregnancy and childbirth, mental health services and more. Specific medical services may vary from State to State which is based on local requirements.

Indiana Medicaid:

Medicaid expansion, as enacted by the ACA, provides medical insurance coverage facility to low income adults and as such more people were brought into the fold. Indiana has two levels of Medicaid coverage. They are HIP Basic and HIP Plus. Of these two, HIP Plus includes dental and vision coverages. There are no copays unless the beneficiaries use the emergency room for non emergency care. On the other hand HIP Basic has co pays, but does not cover dental and vision health services. People, whose income are above poverty level can opt for HIP Plus and must pay premiums. People, whose income is below poverty level can buy HIP basic and they need to pay no premiums. They can also join HIP Plus, if they are ready to pay premiums.

How ACA Works?

Obamacare or ACA works by mandating everyone to get health insurance or pay tax. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provides subsidies for middle income families. Moreover ACA expands Medicaid to cover health insurance for more low income people. It also helps small businesses to offer health insurance.

An important benefit of ACA is that it has reduced the increase in health care costs. According to ACA everyone should avail health insurance for nine months out of a year and it also allows the parents to add their children upto the age of 26 in the parents health insurance plans. This has resulted in more people paying the premium but they are not using the benefits of the system. This is an additional profit to the medical insurance Indiana companies and these companies can pass on these savings to their customers.

Under ACA, you can find four medical insurance Indiana levels called metal tiers. These tiers are called Platinum level,Gold level, Silver level and Bronze level. Even though, platinum plans charge high premiums, you can get best health care benefits and services and an average of about 90% of your medical expenses will be covered. The least expensive plan is bronze level, but only about 60% of your medical expenses will be covered under this plan.

Health Insurance:

In today’s environment, choosing and buying a medical insurance can be confusing and a complicated one. But, the Government department has enough staff to guide the public in this regard. These staff will help you how to navigate the use of health insurance plans. They will also assist the Hoosiers to understand the health care coverages, exclusively designed for them.

When purchasing a health insurance, it is better to approach an experienced agent or broker or some one who is well acquainted with the health insurance schemes. You have to get multiple quotations for comparison and analysis. This alone lead to select the best choice that allows you to get the right medical insurance Indiana coverage at the right and affordable price. At the same time, you should also check the credibility, financial stability and satisfactory customer services and the like before finalising the selection of the medical insurance company.

Individual Health Insurance Plan:

If something unexpected happens to the individuals in the form of an accident or serious illness , then the individual health insurance plan will help you in meeting the hospital expenses. You are aware that the hospital expenses are skyrocketing year by year. Medical insurance Indiana provides you major health care benefits and wide range of health services such as doctor’s visits, prescription drug services and other essential services.

The factors that determine the cost of your medical insurance are your age and tobacco use. Almost everyone can buy individual or family health insurance plan. No insurance company has the right to decline you insurance based on your medical history.

Medical Insurance Companies in Indiana:

Some of the notable and leading medical insurance Indiana companies that offer different types of health insurance plans along with other types of insurances are Aetna, Celtic, American Family, Anthem, Assurant, Humana, PHP or Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana Health Insurance, IHC Health solutions, Time Insurance, United Security Life and Health, United Health One and World Insurance. Besides these insurance companies, there are many insurance companies functioning in Indiana that offer various types of insurances including health insurance.


In Indiana, there are many reputed health insurance companies that serve the people in a better way. Apart from these companies, there are Government sponsored health insurance plans which extend benefits to the people of all categories. You have to find to which scheme you are eligible and utilise the opportunity to enjoy the benefits. It is always advisable to buy a suitable health insurance plan and remain covered. This is because, it is not possible to remain without health insurance plans and to meet the rising medical costs.