At Last, The Secret To Office Of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Is Revealed


Everywhere in the world, many insurance companies are functioning to sell various types of insurances to the people. Likewise, many reputed insurance companies do business in the insurance field and help the residents of Georgia to get their requirement insurance coverages. This way, they are able to save themselves from financial distress at the time of exigencies. The types of insurances, the people intend to buy, are auto insurance (mandatory anywhere), life insurance, health insurance, homeowners insurance, etc.

To Regulate Insurance Industry:

There is always a necessity to regulate the insurance industry and ensure that the people of Georgia are not wrongly guided by the insurance companies in buying many types of insurances. If the insurance companies commit mistakes and engage in fraudulent measures, the State should come forward to protect them. There must also be some ways to protect the insured people when an insurance company declares insolvency.

Fire Safety:

One of the major forms of disasters is Fire, which can cause intensive damage to your home and the belongings. Fire can be caused by anything such as earthquake, kitchen fire, short circuit in the electrical system and more. Even the electronic goods such as air conditioner, refrigerator and the like can cause fire. Further, in some areas of US, houses are built using wood, which can be caught fire due to some simple mishaps. It is the duty of the Government to ensure fire safety in the State of Georgia and elsewhere also.

Department of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner:

In order to save the people being affected by fraudulent methods of insurance coverage by insurance companies and strictly enforcing to install fire safety measures in houses, industrial buildings and the like, the Department of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner's office was created in US as well as in Georgia. The head of the department is designated as Georgia commissioner of insurance and safety fire.

The State of Georgia insurance commissioner is a State executive position in the Georgia State Government. The Georgia State insurance commissioner is responsible for regulating the State insurance industry and ensuring fire safety in the State. The commissioner is elected to four year terms in federal midterm elections.

The current Georgia State insurance commissioner is Ralph Hudgens he was elected to this position in November, 2010 to a four year term and again was re-elected in November, 2014. He has served as a member of Georgia house of representatives during 1997 to 2002 and as a member of Georgia State Senate during 2003 to 2011.

Eligibility Conditions:

Anyone, who has completed 25 years of age, who has been a US citizen for the last ten years and a legal resident of Georgia for four years can be elected as Georgia State insurance commissioner.

Mailing Address:

The mailing address of the Georgia insurance commissioner office is as given below.

Office of Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner,
No.2, Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive,
West Tower, Suite-704,
Atlanta, Georgia-30334.
Main telephone-404-656-2070
Toll Free-800-656-2298
The Georgia insurance commissioner is the administrative head of the office and his or her responsibility is to regulate the Georgia State insurance industry and to oversee the State fire safety initiatives.

How Georgia Consumers are helped Regarding Insurance?

The department of insurance ensures that the insurance companies in Georgia obey State insurance laws. It provides consumer information and conduct investigations about insurance companies and producers. The Georgia State insurance commissioner is empowered to handle most of the insurance problems such as home, auto, business, health, HMO, life, credit, dental and the like. The problems can be claim issues, claim disputes, fixing of premium rates, policy cancellations, refunds and more.

If anyone has a complaint, he or she is advised to settle the issues with the insurance company, as a first step. It is the duty of the insured to completely study the contents of the insurance policy and then buy the same. Ensure that you get the coverage, you desire. If problem is not settled, the aggrieved person can contact the Georgia commissioner of insurance.

Fire Safety Measures:

Carelessness is the main cause of fire at home, industrial buildings and elsewhere. At the outset, electrical safety is more important. The design and construction of the new buildings and structures must comply with the international Building Code as modified and adopted by Georgia department of community affairs. Similarly any repairs, modification, etc. must be undertaken according to the rules and regulations laid down by the international building code and by department of insurance and safety fire commission.

Necessary tips:

Smoke detectors warn you about a possible fire to escape from the scene. Install them in every floor of your home and other buildings. Whether it is a home or any other building, you have to buy enough smoke detectors and install them in proper places. These smoke detectors should be maintained properly. While cooking in kitchen, all safety measures should have to be installed and followed.

Fire fighting equipments are to be installed in strategic places of large buildings and houses. It is also essential to use materials such as bricks, concrete and others that do not catch fire so easily. If the houses are built using wood, precautionary measures should be taken.

The Georgia commissioner of insurance is responsible for maintaining fire safety in Georgia and it is also the responsibility of the residents to follow fire safety rules. The commissioner has the right to inspect the buildings of Georgia to ensure that necessary steps are taken to maintain fire safety.


Nowadays, people have the necessity to buy various types of insurances such as life, health, homeowners insurance, auto insurance and the like. Some of them are compulsory and some are optional. Even though, there are a good number of reputed insurance companies to make understand the importance of insurance and to sell them, but, these insurance companies are to be monitored and regulated by some Government authority and hence the creation of department of insurance and safety fire commission in Georgia. A majority of the people cannot be cheated so simply and if they are doubly vigilant, they can reap the real benefits of availing insurance.