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Insurance of any type is a must, whether mandatory or obligatory. The area in which you reside decides the type of insurances, you require. If you live in an area, which is prone to floods, cyclone, etc. as a homeowner, you need homeowners insurance. Similarly people may need health insurance as hospital expenses have gone high. However, it is also essential to find an insurance company that serves you better in all respects. This is a daunting task, but within your reach only.

Florida One Insurance:

Florida one insurance agency is the insurance company located at the address 8275 W 12TH Ave, Ste 201. Hialeah, FL 33014. Contact number is 786-501-2059. This company offers almost all types of insurances in Florida, through reputed insurance companies, such as auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance and the like and provides a stupendous service to the residents of Florida. Ably supported by experienced staff, this Florida one insurance agency is considered as the best according to the reviews offered by the beneficiaries.

The staff, guiding the customers, is very helpful and knowledgeable about the service, they provide. When you contact the staff over phone or in person, they hear the customers patiently and understand their needs. This enables them to lead the customers to the exact department or person, whose service they are in need of. The concerned staff is kind enough to explain the coverages that are needed by the customers and they were able to offer discounts, which could not be easily found out through online quotes.

The staff of Florida one insurance agency seems to be proud in answering the questions of the customers with cheerful faces as they are always fresh. The employees are also happy enough to provide their personal contact number to help the customers to call them at any time to clear their doubts regarding the purchase of insurance. Customer's reviews adore the company as having great staff that provides exemplary customer service.

Florida one insurance agency provides you the best prices, according to your budget and needs, and does anything for the complete satisfaction of its customers. Once a customer is satisfied with the services of this agency, he or she will not search other agents or brokers for their service.

Florida one insurance agency represents most of the leading insurance companies operating in Florida such as AllState, Progressive, LP Insurance Associates, Estrella Insurance, Pandora Insurance, Carrera Insurance, Braojos Insurance and more.

This agency, as a Progressive agent, offers big discounts for good drivers. The scheme, called as “Snapshot”, offers drivers, who drive safe for their first policy term, a big discount. This discount will stay with them as long as they stay with Florida one insurance agency. An average driver will be able to save a good amount.

The best thing with the staff of Florida one insurance agency is that they answer to all the questions of the customers, how silly they may be. The customers are able to get the right information from the employees. The ideas given by them enable the customers to save considerable amount on their premiums. They also consider the financial needs of the customers into account and suggest the right coverage at affordable prices.

If required by the customers, the staff are able to provide many options of coverages to choose the best one from them.

The office staff of Florida one insurance agency is top notch. They are also helpful in connecting the customers with great agents representing leading companies and thereby help the customers get a better deal in getting home insurance, auto insurance and more.

Auto insurance is mandatory and there are minimum liability coverages required by State of Florida according to motor insurance laws. Apart from buying the minimum requirement, people have to buy many such auto insurance policies well above the minimum liability requirement in order to get their financial position strengthened. Auto insurance has several optional coverages such as collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and more. Some people are not aware of the consequences they have to face in the event of not having auto insurance at all. Some may need the assistance of advocates in case of settling issues in accident cases.

Besides people are in the need of buying homeowners insurance in Florida. The houses that are near to the ocean need separate coverage than those located in some other areas. Moreover, people may not be aware what the coverages that will be suitable to them are. They are also confused in arriving at the affordable rates.

Moreover, people, who are interested in buying life insurance are confused about which type of life insurance, they have to avail. There are two types of life insurances called as term life insurance and whole life insurance. The customers have to be cleared about what coverage of life insurance, they have to buy.

Another important insurance type is health insurance. People need proper advice regarding from which company, the health insurance can be obtained. They have to be explained the coverages, they require. Even though, they are aware of their health conditions but not sure about the suitable coverages.

All these doubts and clarifications can be cleared by Florida one insurance agency. What all you have to do is approach the staff of this agency and all of your doubts will be cleared. You will be directed to the right insurance company that provides you the necessary coverage at reasonable rates. The staff of this agency is dedicated to the public service and they will not leave you until you are satisfied with your services. Hats off to them.


There are ways to find the apt insurance company that offers suitable coverage at affordable rates and one among them is the search through websites. Besides , there are experienced agents and brokers, representing various reputed insurance companies to help you. Florida one insurance agency is the one that strives hard to serve the public in the insurance field. Avail the services of such agencies and get the maximum benefits.