Actionable Tips on Renters Insurance In Florida


People, who own a home, need homeowners insurance to protect their property from possible damages. What about those, who live in rented houses? Till date, you have been living with your parents and due to higher studies or joining a new workplace or for any other reason, you might have moved to a rented house. Now that you may be owning many things such as electronic items, clothing, etc. which are to be protected from damages or theft. Therefore, you need a renters insurance and save your belongings. Let us see how renters insurance works and its coverages.

Importance of Renters Insurance:

When you own or rent a house, it is needless to say that your personal belongings inside the house are to be protected by insurance coverage.
It is sad to note that some people are not at all aware of the fact that there are some special policies such as renters insurance Florida policies exclusively for those living in rented houses.

Renters Insurance coverage:

Renters insurance Florida is a policy that gives protection to your valuables, you keep, in your rented house. Buying a renters insurance you can lower your anxiety and need not worry about the possible loss of your belongings. The owner of your house might have insured his or her home on a whole, but you will not have any coverage for your valuables, you own.

Renters insurance cover personal properties such as computers, furniture, electronic items, clothing and the like. Renters insurance Florida will cover the damages caused to your belongings by, fire, storms, wind, lightning, hail, freezing, snow and sleet, which are weather created conditions. It will also provide coverage when you lose your belongings due to non weather conditions such as theft, vandalism, riots, aircrafts and vehicles.

But, the renters insurance will not cover intentional damages to your belongings caused by yourself or your family members, business pursuits, professional services, ownership, maintenance of aircraft, motor vehicles and watercrafts.

Types of Renters Insurance:

Virtually, there are a few types of renters insurance and each coverage has a minimum and maximum coverage limits. Renters insurance is also called as H0-4 policy and note that your personal belongings will not be covered by your homeowners policy.

Coverage for personal property:

This policy protects your personal belongings located on and off the property. Further, this coverage also protects the property of your guests, whose belongings are found on your rented house. Moreover, there are special limits to cover the properties such as art collections and computers. You have to buy optional coverages to protect such items. The limit ranges between $15,000 and $100,000. Most of the insurance companies also offers replacement costs on the contents.

When you review the policy, ensure that replacement costs coverage for contents is also included. If you do not include this optional coverage, your stolen or damaged items will be valued using actual cash value. The actual cash value is calculated using the current market price minus the depreciation value for the age of the items and/ or normal wear and tear. With this reimbursement, you cannot buy the lost item and you may have to spend more from your own pocket. Instead, if you include replacement costs coverage, you will get the necessary value that enables you to buy a new brand item of the same kind.

Personal Liability Insurance:

Suppose, you caused bodily injury to your guests or damaged their property and they file a lawsuit against you for compensation, personal liability insurance will come to your rescue by providing necessary coverage to meet their medical costs or repairs of their damaged property. Liability coverage also covers some defence costs even when the lawsuit filed against you is false or fraudulent or without any valid reason. The limits of coverage ranges between $100,000 to $500,000.

If your rented house becomes uninhabitable due to a damage, the portion of your renters insurance Florida will pay for you to enable you to stay elsewhere until your rented house is repaired.

There are some optional coverages that can be included in your renters policy and they are dog liability, personal injury, water backup, sump overflow, additional roommates insurance and the like.

If you include medical coverage in your renters insurance policy, then this coverage will protect your guest from injuries, if they are injured in your premises.

How to save on Renters Insurance Policy:

● You can get a better deal of renters insurance Florida, if you shop around. You can access to get the quotes of more than 15 insurance companies of Florida and compare them to choose the cheap and best one.
● You can increase your deductibles and get a lower premium rate. Of course, you have to decide on how much you will spend from your own pocket and decide your deductibles, which are normally fixed as $500, $1000 or $2500.
● Installing an alarm system in your rented house can save you money on your premium.
● If you restrict the entry to the area with a single gate and provide security facilities manned by guards, then these arrangements may reduce your premium rates.
● The age of the building also plays an important role in deciding the discounts to the insurance premiums. If the house is 30 years or more old, you may be charged with high premium.
● As for other policies, location of your building is also a cause for fixing the premium.
● If you are an aged person or a retired person, you may enjoy discounts in your renters insurance Florida premiums.

There are many reputed insurance companies offering renters insurance. Moreover experienced agents, representing many leading companies, are at your disposal to guide you regarding how to get a renters insurance and what are the coverages, you need. They are also interested in getting affordable prices for you to meet your budget.


Just like homeowners insurance, you have to avail renters insurance policies in order to save your personal properties that are available inside the house. Avail the policy advantages and guard your belongings. Remember that the house owner might have insured your rented house and it applies only to the structure and will not cover your personal properties.