Brilliant Tips To Use School Insurance of Florida


In general, the school students are also participating in sports and other activities apart from regular studies and there is a chance that students can get injured when engaged in such sports and other adventurous events. Accidents can happen within the school also. Therefore, many insurance companies of Florida offer school insurance exclusively for the students studying in schools and colleges ranging from lower class to higher one. Let us discuss school insurance of Florida in detail.

Importance of School Insurance:

When you are healthy and rarely visit a doctor, you may not think of buying a health insurance. But minor injuries and emergency room visit for a student may cost a lot of medical expenses and the students should understand that they have more options of insurance coverage. It is not a good idea to go without health insurance coverage, as it is not possible for everyone to meet the hospital expenses arising out of such accidents. There are a lot of Florida school insurance coverage for the students, offered by schools and some private insurers.

If you are a regular student of a college or a school, it is possible that you can stay with your parents health plan. You parents can deal with your medical bills in that case. But, if you study in a school which is out of your State, then your coverage levels may not be as viable as in your home State.

Some educational institutions may offer health plan to its students, but it may not hold good if you are a part time student. Student health plan offered by many insurance companies apply to all students and the main advantage is that this insurance will travel with you wherever you go within US. You must ensure that the health insurance plan, chosen by you, provides necessary health coverage.

Benefits of School Insurance:

● Students are covered for the whole year and not the school year alone.
● You are covered wherever you go.
● Even if you transfer from one school to the other, insurance will travel with you. This will not be true in the case of school sponsored health plans.

There are many leading health insurance companies offering school health insurance and all Florida school insurance companies offer student accident insurance for the students of private schools, public schools, summer camps, before and after care, pre KG and extended day programs. Moreover athletics catastrophe coverage is also made available to students. Most of the insurance companies tailor their health plans to suit your school needs.

The premium rates offered by various Florida school insurance companies are very much affordable to the students. Insurance coverage is provided to the students for covered injuries incurred during the school hours and while participating in school sponsored events in the school premises or off the school premises.

The insurance coverage is also applicable to the students, who participate in interscholastic sports, summer recreation activities (sponsored by schools) and one day school field trips.

Besides, there are 24 hours accident coverage, optional football coverage, optional 24 hour dental coverage and more. All the above insurance coverage are made available at affordable rates.

Athletic Accident Insurance:

This Florida school insurance plan is effective for the academic school year 2017-18. This plan is mainly to introduce a safe learning environment for all students. There is no necessity for the schools to have a coverage for accidental injuries. As a service, school district purchases a basic sports accident policy in order to help the families to meet only a part of the accidental expenses that may incur due to an accident in school sports activities. Students must pay a sports activity fee before participating in sports activities, which includes the basic accident insurance protection.

100% coverage is not possible by the insurance provider and the parents have to meet the expenses that are not covered by the basic accident insurance coverage. There is a network list of providers for sports related accidents and the parents have to refer and claim the benefits only from these network list of providers.

Student Dental Insurance:

For college students it is a great worry to find affordable dental insurance plan. The students of other countries, but studying in US can avail the dental insurance coverage sponsored by the International Student Organization. The concerned educational institutions also offer dental insurance plans for its students and they have a list of dentists. Mostly, your school will roll the cost of the plan into your tuition fee. If you are a recipient of any scholarship, then the insurance fee can be taken care of and you need not spend from your own pocket.

Another option is the dental insurance plan that is planned with a private insurance company and this is planned with the agreement with the school authorities.

What to do in case of an Accident?

Suppose a student is injured in an accident, the school has to complete an accident report. Then, the school has to notify the primary insurance so as to enable them to start the claims process. If the notification is not sent in time, the claim process will be delayed.

When the parent contacts the Florida school insurance office, they must state the name of the student and the school in which the student is studying along with the relevant county school district. The claim must be made in complete form providing all information sought for.


It is common for the students of schools and colleges to get injured at the times of participating in sports activities and the schools and insurance companies are doing great service by offering special health insurance plans for the benefit of the students alone. They may also be injured in unexpected accidents in the school premises. Suppose the student is staying in a hostel and studying in some other State other than his or her home State, these student health insurance plans will be of great advantage to them. Therefore, the parents and students should come forward to avail such student insurance facilities and get benefited.