The Untold Tips To Unemployment Insurance Companies in Georgia In Less Than Ten Minutes


Unemployment insurance is a temporary income to those people, who are unemployed without any fault on their side and for the people, who are in search of jobs. This insurance is also paid to those who are expecting a recall within the six weeks of the last day worked and to those who are undergoing approved training. The funding to unemployment insurance comes from the taxes paid by the employers. Let us see how the unemployment insurance works in Georgia.

Eligibility Conditions to Receive Unemployment Insurance:

Unemployment benefits are so designed to benefit the people, who have lost their jobs. If you have quit your job on your own, you will not be eligible for such benefits. This category has certain exceptions. Suppose , you quit your job for a specific work related reason, you may be eligible for Georgia unemployment insurance benefits. The possible reasons that come under this category are as follows. You might have quit the job due to material change in the working conditions or a material change in the working arrangement or non-payment of wages for the work performed and the like.

More Reasons for Quitting the Job:

If your employer has sent you out of job because of lack of skills, you do not possess, or you were declared unfit, you may be still eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. Suppose, you lost your job due to misconduct, you will not be eligible for receiving such benefits. Misconduct means violating the rules of the employer intentionally or careless behaviour in discharging your duties and responsibilities or working under the influence of alcohol and drugs. No employer will be able to bear these types of misbehaviour as the entire working atmosphere will get spoiled due to these unwarranted situations.

Georgia unemployment insurance is defined as a temporary income of the workers, who lost their jobs due to no fault on their side. This means that they might have lost their jobs due to layoff. You must also be looking for a job and should be ready to join the work, if offered. You should not refuse the job when there is a reasonable offer of employment is made to you. Only these categories of people are eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits. Moreover, your past earnings must meet the certain minimum thresholds.

Past Earnings:

Almost all the States consider your recent work history and your earning during the past one year base period. This data is used to determine your eligibility for receiving the unemployment insurance benefits.

As far as Georgia unemployment insurance is concerned, the base period is the earliest four or five completed calendar quarters before you file for the claims of the benefits under the scheme. As an example, if you file your claim during October, 2016, then your base period would be from 1st June, 2015 to 31st May, 2016. During the base period, you must have fulfilled all the following requirements to become eligible for Georgia unemployment insurance benefits.

● You must have earned wages in at least two quarters during the base period.
● You must have earned a minimum of $1134 in wages during the two quarters of your base period in which you earned the highest wages.
● Your total wages during the base period must be at least 1.5 times the wages, you earned in the quarter in which you earned the highest wages of your base period.

Amount and Duration of Unemployment Benefits of Georgia:

Georgia unemployment insurance benefits are stated as given below. First of all, your combined wages during the two highest quarters of your base period will be calculated. This amount will be divided by 42 to arrive at your weekly unemployment benefit. You can get a minimum benefit of $44 subject to a maximum of $330. These benefits are available to for up to 20 weeks subject to a maximum of 26 weeks in some States.

How to File a Claim for Unemployment Insurance Benefits?

You can file your claim for unemployment insurance benefits by visiting the Georgia Department of Labour Career Center or online. For the purpose of making the claim online and getting the relevant information, you have to visit the website namely Once you start your claim, you must go on to continue to apply for the claims for every week you are claiming benefits.

As soon as your application is received by the Georgia Department of Labour, the office will send you some documents, in turn. This will include a benefit determination, stating your potential benefit and its duration. The department will also send you a Claims Examiner's Determination stating whether the reasons submitted by you for quitting the job have the required validity.

Other Important Information:

While filing a claim, you should produce the following documents for verification.

1. Your social security number, as any claim requires your social security number.
2. Valid Government issued picture ID.
3. Personal information like contact number, name, address, date of birth and the like.
4. Complete information regarding your past employment history for the past two years, wages earned, reason for separation for your recent employer.
5. SF-50 or SF-8 form should be produced, if you are a former employee of the Government.
6. Personal bank account number for direct deposit of benefits.

If the claim for Georgia unemployment insurance benefits is denied, you have 15 days time to appeal before the Appeals Tribunal. Your appeal must be preferably in letter form and must be submitted to GDOL Career Center by either mail or fax. In turn, the GDOL will arrange for hearing with the Appeals Tribunal and enquiries will be conducted on the basis of evidence collected from you and your employer.

The final decision will be made known to you by mail. If you fail in this appeal, you can complain with the Board of Review as per the date fixed by the Tribunal. If you are not agreeing to the decision of the Tribunal, then you have no other option except to appeal before the Superior Court in the county in which you worked.


The State of Georgia is providing such unemployment insurance benefits to the eligible workers and this is a good decision by all the States, who implement this scheme.